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    Hey I got this for a gift, but my crappy old car dosnt have any cigratte plugs so i couldnt use this.

    And this DOES work with iphones, my friend has this exact same thing and works great, you can also change the FM frequency as well. This also charges your iphone while playing, and great reception.

    Its BLACK, comes with the Transpod, Arm, and extendable arm (everything). This works with:

    iPhone, iPod, and ipod Mini/Nano.

    Actual Pic of item:

    Pic of item with ipod:

    I take PAYPAL ONLY, I live in USA and will ship world wide.

    Ok Looking for about $20 + s/h
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    2007-10-30 03:48 AM
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    Price. You MUST list a price or what you are looking for in trade in your first post. Any thread without a price will be deleted immediately.
    2007-10-30 03:56 AM
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    Added price.
    2007-10-30 04:01 AM
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    At least one picture needs to have your user name on a piece of paper clearly visible in the photo.
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  5. woox's Avatar

    2007-10-30 07:34 AM
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    Thanks for compiling with the rules. =D

    I am interested in this. The only problem is, my accessories port is sort of recessed. How long is the jack and it's longest length?
    2007-10-30 07:58 AM
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    Mom my iphone? lol........

    this is a steal deal. you better jump!

    They go between $50 and $65 + ship sometimes:



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    2007-10-30 09:31 AM
  8. woox's Avatar
    The legs are long enough, trust me..its almost 1ft, and they are all twistable bendable at each joint by a small twisting screw and is pretty damn stable.
    2007-10-30 04:58 PM
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    U said 20 + s/h, so my question is, how much u want for s/h ( how are u sending it)?
    2007-10-30 07:12 PM
  10. woox's Avatar
    U said 20 + s/h, so my question is, how much u want for s/h ( how are u sending it)?
    Depends on where you live, buy s/h for most places in USA cost $3
    2007-10-31 12:40 AM
  11. one1's Avatar
    LMFAO.... inflation!
    2007-10-31 06:57 AM
  12. woox's Avatar
    2007-10-31 07:23 AM
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    thread closed
    2007-10-31 11:50 AM
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