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    Don't flame yet I'm just throwing the feelers out there to see if I'm crazy for even asking.

    I'm trying to achieve a win-win situation for myself and someone out there looking for a iPhone to unlock for use on "other" networks.

    As said in the subject, this is a "Day 1", week 25, 1.0.0 OTB 8GB iPhone. It has the normal wear and tear for a phone used since late June. No major scrapes or sratches. I'm sure all could be buffed off. I'm currently running the Official 1.1.3 soft upgraded and jailbroken. This phone has never been opened or unlocked.

    I am looking to trade above mentioned iPhone for a 16GB iPhone. NIB or used is fine.

    I will include the iPhone and a new Invisible Shield if you want it. Depending on the situation of your 16GB iPhone, I can include power brick and dock or you can keep the one out of the box. It's up to you.

    As I said I'm putting out the feelers reply here for questions.

    2008-02-08 12:25 AM