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    Admins, please delete if this is not allowed.

    We still have 40 free slots on our dev account we will open for sale/donation.

    We are a new active development team built of former college students working on new applications for the upcoming 3.0 release, not some fanboys that decided to pay for an account just to upgrade.

    If you are apart of our Dev account, we may email you and ask to test out our new applications. You are not required to do so by being on our account but we would really appreciate the help since we can not afford multiple iPhones for testing. Heck, we may even give you the App for free if we end up releasing it.

    Our slots are $6 paid through PayPal but will be open to any donation offers that are reasonable. All you need to do is send me a PM and you will be given the email to send your iPhone ID and payment to.

    If you don't like 3.0, we can help you out with downgrading (on Windows) too but remember, your phone will still have the baseband update so you will not be able to unlock your phone to use on another network anytime soon.


    Update: I wanted to thank everyone who joined us. We hope to push our projects forward and its great to see people want to help us, help them.
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