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    This is a case mate carbon fiber holster & case. Holster has a rotating belt clip. Its in perfect shape. I tried it and just didn't like the bulk it added.

    I would be willing to trade this for an ifrogz case in red or blue, or some other kind of case. I'm not really concerned about the monetary value... to a point. The frogz cases are like $12 total shipped from ebay, and mine was $40. So lets not get crazy, but I would just like to swap mine for something else. Please have a picture for reference if you want to trade. If you have a case like an ifrogz or something of the like that cost around $10 total, give or take a few bucks, I'd hope to trade for the case plus say... $10 in cash via paypal. Since I have verified feedback on ebay you'll need to ship first. If we both have great ebay feedback we can both ship at the same time.

    If you want to buy it I'll sell it and ship it for $30. Nothing is wrong with it, its in perfect shape.

    Detailed pics on my flickr page

    My ebay name is gatheringbox3wg5. Contact me via ebay if you want to confirm this.

    2009-05-05 04:40 AM
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    Is there no one with a case they want to swap?
    2009-05-11 12:58 AM
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    Hey guys... I've narrowed down the case I'd like to swap for if anyone has one.

    Remember, this holster case combo is $80 from case mate. Its $40 on ebay usually plus shipping. I'd like to swap it for a royal red barely there case. If anyone has one please let me know and we can swap. Not worried about balancing it out money wise so this is a really good deal for anyone who wants one.
    2009-05-16 07:37 PM
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    Great... case is sold. Thanks to all that were interested. I've got some more stuff for sale coming up soon.
    2009-05-19 10:12 PM

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