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    Hi Guys, I work on a flea market and I've been buying broken iPhones for a while. I fix them (most of them software issues and broken screen) I usually sale them on the store in the flea market but I'm not going to work for a while so I'd like to give a try here before I post them on ebay (I'm really lazy )

    The first one is HERE
    third one HERE
    fourth HERE
    fifth HERE

    here you go the second one:

    Code: 2GU8BTS (if you PM me be sure you include this code so I know exactly the iPhone you are interested)
    This one is an used 8GB 2nd Gen iPhone that is unlocked and jailbroken (cydia and installer).
    The phone is currently running on 2.2.1 firmware Tested with my T-Mobile Simcard.
    The screen is in good condition (no broken glass) but the touchscreen doesn't work the lower part. (here I ran out of money and I couldn't buy the digitizer) The lcd is not broken though.
    Wifi works although sometimes the signal is weak, network signal works.
    Sound works (speakers, headphones input, earpiece and microphone)
    The phone is in good physical condition the back has some little scratches (for the daily use) and one of the corners is a little bended (see picture).
    The home button, the power button, volume buttons and vibrate switch work.
    What is include: The phone, a generic charger, and a soft cover. (you get to choose the color)
    Also you can install SwirlyMMS and Addition's iPhone Modem. I brought both licenses (This used to be my personal phone)

    If you want an specific picture let me know.

    $225 (Based on ebay average) (the digitizer [which I don't sale and is not included] is around $100, so you'll spend around $325)
    I don't know how much would be the shipping, so I'll check after I know the location of the buyer.

    Sold AS-IS. All Sales Final, No Refund, Returns, Exchange, or Money Back.
    Buy with Confidence and Delivery Confirmation!
    Verified Paypal Users Only (security for both parties first)
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    people make offers, i'll take the best offer
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    2009-05-15 06:25 AM
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    Sold on ebay for $180 please close
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    2009-05-22 01:26 AM
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    2009-05-22 01:30 AM