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    Hey guys, I know some of you love DIY repairs, but sometimes do you accidentally make a mistake or rush into doing something? Well if you have done a digitizer replacement on your 3G or 3GS and damaged your #3 connector, I'm the guy to go to! I charge $50usd within the US and $60usd internationally. That includes a new connector, the repair, and shipping back to you! I have done many phones for many people.

    Check out the review of my work, here it is on one of my customer's blog pages:

    iPhone Connector Repair Review (Hector Truong)

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    How to fix #3 CONNECTORS:
    2010-05-05 08:01 PM
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    Search on eBay for the member "this is living" (put underscores between the user's name) and look at all of this member's services. This seller has state-of-the-art equipment, and is extremely kind and knowledgeable. Basically repair center provide only a few repairs like the screen (digitizer), battery and light sensor or ear speaker repairs - no soldering work.

    blackberry service centre in Delhi
    2013-06-19 05:47 AM