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    Hey guys, It's getting close to the time I need to purchase a new computer (macbook). So for this reason, this reason only, im parting ways with my beloved hi-fi stereo.

    This product has been discontinued and is hard to find now days. A must for any Apple fan. It weighs 14.6lbs and is a typical Apple enclosed uni-body type product for a clean finish. This is compact but it pounds so hard! This is what I have been using for every party I have had and it fills my whole house with music no problem.

    A cool feature is it can run on D batteries and still pound just as hard and be completely untethered and portable. Used this in my car when i was putting in new soundsystem and it was louder than my current cars soundsystem. All I have to say is this thing is beast especially for it's size. I really don't want to get rid of it but have to.

    This retailed for 1000 when it came out, now it goes for 400-600. Selling for 300 because I need it to go relatively fast.

    Preferably wanting to trade+cash for macbook(pro).

    2010-07-14 09:33 PM