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    I currently have 77 slots still open, i opened the account today so you'll have a full 365 days in my dev account. I charge $4 for your first device and then any additional devices that you want registered costs an extra $3 each. if you want in on this reply here or email me at [email protected] (i would rather you email me then post a reply here) if you want in on this. I will register as soon as i recieve payment and your UDIDs at [email protected] via paypal and include the UDIDs in your message, also can you please pay in canadian? if you can't thats alright.

    come on guys, i will register your devices basically instantaneously after receiving payment!

    Also, if you want proof email me and i can send you a screenshot of all the devices that i've already registered
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    I can also answer any questions you may have about upgrading as well as offer links to download ll the necessary files.

    I have already upgraded 23 people and they are all very happy

    I attached a screenshot of all the registered devices as proof that I am legit unlike the many scammers out there plus all my transactions are done through paypal so if anything goes wrong you can always file a dispute

    e-mail me or post here if you have any questions. Also, if i've already upgraded you would you mind leaving some feedback here for others to see?

    UDID Registrations only !! Any extra devices wanted only  each!!-screen-shot-2011-06-08-11.30.29-pm.png

    By the way I still have 71 open slots for whoever needs an iDevice registered
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