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    I'm an iOS developer and I have many slots open for registration. I will activate your UDID within a few minutes, guaranteed, as I am always online on my developer account. Register your UDID now for a mere $5! Your UDID will remain registered for 1 complete year from the time of purchase. I can email you all the instructions and the download links for iOS 5 if you want them.

    If you need any details, please comment or PM me. Trust me, I'm very fast!

    I accept any credit card worldwide: Mastercard, VISA and American Express.
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    2011-07-01 08:26 AM
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    60 more slots remaining! And people, when you PM me, please don't send me 2 messages. It's really overwhelming already without having to read 2 messages from the same person :P

    And thank you to all those who bought from me!
    2011-07-03 07:52 AM
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    Well, that went well! Thanks to everyone who bought from me! BUT I'll be registering a new developer account in a few hours, so I should have a 100 more slots open very soon. PM me if you want your UDID activated. Remember, no one does it faster than me!
    2011-07-03 09:15 PM