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    I have for sale YOUR CHOICE of iPhone 4 16GB Black. Choose from Brand New In Box or Ultrasn0w UNLOCKED in EXCELLENT condition. I am selling just one and keeping the one that does not sell. Prices are for PayPal gifted. Regular payment okay as well, but you cover PayPal fees (approx 3%). I have over 1400 Feedback on eBay and all my heatware is positive.

    #1 is BRAND NEW IN BOX WITH ALL ACCESSORIES. It was sealed when I bought it, but the box HAS BEEN OPENED to confirm that A) There is indeed a phone inside, and B) I wanted to check the baseband version. The phone has NEVER BEEN USED and the protective plastic on the front and back have never been removed, as you can tell by the lack of bubbles in the pic. This is NOT A REFURB and has a May 2011 manufacture date. Unfortunately, I inadvertently activated the warranty when I plugged the phone into my computer to check the firmware version as iTunes did it automatically without user input. I wish I had known ahead of time to disconnect from the internet, but oh well, it can't be undone. Therefore, the warranty is good till June 9, 2012 and has just under 11-months left (warranty is attached to the phone, not the owner). You can verify this on the Apple site, serial # is 80118L0HA4S. iOS version is 4.3.2 and baseband is 4.10.01. This phone is LOCKED to AT&T and can only be unlocked using a Gevey SIM. A Gevey Pro SIM is INCLUDED! $425+shipping.

    #2 is an EXCELLENT condition Ultrasn0w UNLOCKED iPhone 16GB black with iOS 4.3.3 and preserved baseband 1.59.00 (not factory unlocked). This means you do not have to deal with the hassle of a Gevey SIM (dialing 112, etc) to use this with other carriers like T-Mobile. You will, however, have to always remember to restore or upgrade using TinyUmbrella, Sn0wbreeze or PwnageTool in order to preserve the unlock. It works perfectly, has a flawless new screen and incredible battery life (gives me 3-days standby with Wifi and Bluetooth on). The middle frame (silver band around the phone) has only very, very light marks which are nearly impossible to see in natural lighting and barely perceptible when scrutinized under intensely bright fluorescent lighting. The back cover only has very, very light scratches which are difficult to see and impossible to photograph, except it does have one very light scratch across the back of it, of which about 2mm is visible in normal lighting if you angle the phone just right (see red arrow in the macro pic below). Overall beautiful shape and I would say at least 9/10 if not better. The pics are an accurate representation of its condition. Comes with USB cable and charger which look like original, but probably are not. No box. $475+shipping.

    iOS 5 will not be able to be unlocked using any method whatsoever (not even Gevey) unless you preserve the baseband, so now is a good time to buy before all you can find are phones with updated basebands.

    FS: Apple iPhone 4 16GB black, UNLOCKED or BNIB-img_1026.jpg

    Here are pics of the unlocked phone #2.
    http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y15...4/IMG_1031.jpg - arrow points to scratch.
    2011-07-21 03:32 PM
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    Unlocked phone is sold, so neither phone is available for sale any more.
    2011-07-25 03:18 PM