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    I have a slightly used iPhone 4. It is Black 16GB. It is on the 4.10.01 firmware, and has SHSH backed up for 4.3.3, although it is currently on 4.3.5. It comes with box and all original accessories. It can also have IOS 5 Installed because I am a developer. I can do whatever you want. It also has a frosted silicone case, a black bumper and a brushed metal backplate. The gevey tray is starting to rub off, so you might need a new one. It is the new "No cut" gevey. See attached pictures. I could not find a real micro fiber so the screen is quite dirty. Their is only a few small hairline scratches on the screen. The screen is in much better shape than the pictures show!
    Send me your best price!
    I would like $375
    I am available via phone, email and IM just ask!
    Used Gevey Unlocked iPhone 4 16Gb-dsc_0078.jpg
    Used Gevey Unlocked iPhone 4 16Gb-dsc_0076.jpg

    Used Gevey Unlocked iPhone 4 16Gb-dsc_0059.jpgUsed Gevey Unlocked iPhone 4 16Gb-dsc_0060.jpgUsed Gevey Unlocked iPhone 4 16Gb-dsc_0061.jpgUsed Gevey Unlocked iPhone 4 16Gb-dsc_0062.jpgUsed Gevey Unlocked iPhone 4 16Gb-dsc_0063.jpgUsed Gevey Unlocked iPhone 4 16Gb-dsc_0064.jpgUsed Gevey Unlocked iPhone 4 16Gb-dsc_0065.jpgUsed Gevey Unlocked iPhone 4 16Gb-dsc_0066.jpgUsed Gevey Unlocked iPhone 4 16Gb-dsc_0070.jpgUsed Gevey Unlocked iPhone 4 16Gb-dsc_0071.jpgUsed Gevey Unlocked iPhone 4 16Gb-dsc_0075.jpg
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    May want to make them pictures or couple of them with ya username in them before a mod comes in that's the forums rules
    2011-09-30 03:50 AM
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    Yep,Yep. We are going to need your username in the pictures or at least a few of them
    2011-09-30 03:55 AM
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    I added it to the first one! Would you like more?
    2011-09-30 03:57 AM
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    That will be fine, thanks for your quick fix

    Edit: the 6th and 7th pictures. Are those 2 different iPhones?
    2011-09-30 03:59 AM
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    That will be fine, thanks for your quick fix

    Edit: the 6th and 7th pictures. Are those 2 different iPhones?
    Just added another picture with all cases and phone lined up. No that is just a frosted case, you can see it in the new very first picture! Just showing the phone with everything! Thanks for your help!
    2011-09-30 04:05 AM
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    Awesome, thanks again for promptly adding your username to the pictures. Good luck with the sale
    2011-09-30 04:09 AM