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  1. magelof's Avatar
    help a fellow iphone hacker out! i've been trying for months to get an oink invite and i'm still at a loss. i'm willing to trade anything for it- any of my music, mac apps, movies, games, my iphone wallpaper collection? my demonoid ratio is 1.20, please someone have a heart! thank you in advance!
    2007-10-14 09:09 AM
  2. razn's Avatar
    I had 9 invites, but than uploaded a linux torrent which apparently they don't allow (says NOTHING about it in the rules). Got put on probation for a week and lost all 9 invites.
    2007-10-15 12:39 AM
  3. magelof's Avatar
    whaaat! can you e-mail them and beg for your 9 invites back and hook me up with one? haha, i'm sure if you clearly state that it was an accident and whatnot, they may help you out. maybe they'll give you at least one invite if you ask for it?
    2007-10-15 01:06 AM
  4. ice9's Avatar
    whats oink
    2007-10-15 04:10 AM
  5. aziatiklover's Avatar
    whats oink
    yea that wat r u guys talking about?
     Think Different
    2007-10-15 04:44 AM
  6. magelof's Avatar

    torrents and more.
    invites are quite hard to come by.
    2007-10-15 08:01 AM
  7. slezak12's Avatar
    I had a oink account but never used it.

    2007-10-15 08:09 AM
  8. ReVan's Avatar
    Have you guys tried: (the best)
    2007-10-15 08:31 AM
  9. Dash-2's Avatar
    You can try

    though the list on is like 5000 requests. =/
    2007-10-15 09:17 AM
  10. LimitedEditioniPhone_com's Avatar
    anyone have other invites too? I am also looking for oink and demonoid
    2007-10-15 03:22 PM
  11. aziatiklover's Avatar
    oh I see I see thanx for the tips guys
     Think Different
    2007-10-15 05:16 PM
  12. Rayne's Avatar
    I have some Oink invites.
    [r a y n e]
    2007-10-15 06:05 PM
  13. hanz0e's Avatar
    wanna trade for a demonoid?
    2007-10-15 08:05 PM
  14. ice9's Avatar
    i still done get it is it a torrent site? made just for the iphone?? some one care to explain
    2007-10-16 05:00 AM
  15. .:MirrorminD:.'s Avatar
    i still done get it is it a torrent site? made just for the iphone?? some one care to explain
    They are tracker sites, not for the phone but for the computer. Demonoid is an alright general tracker, they do have a lot of stuff.

    OiNK - is stirckly music, and prolly the best music tracker out there. OiNK is fairly harder to get into, invite only as well. They are a higher level tracker than OiNK
    2007-10-16 02:28 PM
  16. overminer's Avatar
    2007-10-17 01:54 AM
  17. AdamJaz's Avatar
    i have an account, but no invites at the moment
    2007-10-17 02:21 AM
  18. .:MirrorminD:.'s Avatar
    I gave all my invites out for this month
    2007-10-18 09:13 PM
  19. outsited's Avatar
    i think is awesome? no?
    2007-10-19 02:37 AM
  20. corky100's Avatar
    I'd love an oink invite if theres any going. Can offer a demonoid in return.....
    2007-10-19 03:22 AM
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