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View Poll Results: From PC/Windows to a Mac/Apple

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  • PC/Windows to Mac/Apple and loving it!

    11 52.38%
  • Mac/Apple to PC and loving it!

    1 4.76%
  • I only have used a Mac/Apple

    3 14.29%
  • I only have used a PC/Windows

    6 28.57%
  1. ///Maybach's Avatar
    I currently use a PC with Windows XP, I have used mac's a number of times in school and at friends homes and at offices. I have wanted to change over for over a year now and haven't made the move for a couple of reasons.

    #1. Do most programs offer a good support for Macs? I sometimes end up using random programs and I haven't really paid attention to weather or not they work.

    #2. Are they hard to fix if they get a bug? I know my computer inside and out, i know how to access everything i need to fix anything that is wrong with it and i know a couple of people who can do it all! but, they don't use macs...

    #3. Does it generally work the same as a PC?

    #4. Does microsoft office work the same on the mac as the PC? I use it almost every day, and also for school. My professor said that if we had a mac that the microsoft on there wont work for the class (it was a CIS class) or follow along with the book.

    #5. What are my major advantages to switching?

    I am about 90% sure im going to have a mac as my next computer, but these are thing things i cant decide about
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    2007-10-24 09:30 AM
  2. sogo's Avatar
    I just bought a macbookpro, I have never owned or used a mac in my life and I seem to be set back some steps in my computer knowledge capabilities. I also know everything about my pc, inside and out and I find myself having problems extracting a file. I am using the trial version of Word:mac and I don't like it. There is an Open-source software called Neooffice and I find it very comparable to Word. I really am waiting until I receive leopard before I dive into it really hard. Installing software is different. I haven't figured out how to uninstall software yet, but I haven't really tried. One of the major advantages to the windows users is the ability to use Windows. All that being said, I really like my MBP, I love the simplicity and I cannot what to start messing around with leopard.
    2007-10-24 09:59 AM
  3. Eurisko's Avatar
    I am about 90% sure im going to have a mac as my next computer, but these are thing things i cant decide about
    1. Every program on the Mac has a built-in Help PDF, you just go to the Help menu and select.

    2. I've used OSX since it came out in 2000, and only one thing has ever cause the entire system to crash, Third Party USB devices that have their own drivers (and are improperly configured). As for "bugs" (what Microsoft calls features) there aren't many. If you really want to get into the nitty gritty of things, OSX is Unix based so understanding the underlying system would be a big help.

    3. That's a open ended question. Yes, it works like a PC in that you do use the same keystrokes and functions as the same programs on a PC. The system itself is nothing like a PC. It's extremely easy to navigate and configure. Let's just say you don't need A+ certification to use it to its fullest capabilities.

    4. Although Office 2008 for the Mac (coming soon) has exactly the same features of Office 2007, the 2004 version is somewhat lacking, HOWEVER the files are stored in exactly the same format, so they are easily transferable between Mac and PC. Your professor is wrong.

    5. Sounds like a commercial, but... no crashes! No cryptic messages saying file 4764jddf.dll missing giving you no clue as to how to fix the problem. You have full access to every facet of your system, no "permission denied" statements. Smoother work flow using Spaces, Expose, and a myriad of other useful programs. True multi-tasking (not multi-threading) so you can work on several things simultaneously, without loss of speed. Could go on, but I have other stuff to get done. That enough?
    2007-10-24 02:01 PM
  4. ///Maybach's Avatar
    thanks for the input!! I am awaiting some leopard reviews and then hopefully making a purchase!
    2007-10-25 08:22 AM
  5. hanz0e's Avatar
    1.) app support is not the best for mac
    2.) bugs are rare and non lethal
    3.) yes, except it protects noobs from themselves, aka limited regular access
    4.) yes, office does work for macs
    5.) not much, except more/earlier releases for apple related products
    2007-10-26 12:41 AM
  6. wearmaize's Avatar
    I bought Leopard about a month after its release, and I have an iMac. I could not be happier with it. Spaces allows me to use multiple programs at once, and most applications have Mac equivalents. Basically the Mac is faster, is less buggy, cleaner and easier to start using, and just plain cool.
    I like Office: Mac 2008 better than the PC equivalent.
    Plus Macs come preinstalled with iLife and some of the best apps.
    Terminal gives you direct access to the Unix side of the Mac.
    Very few viruses.

    What else can I say?
    2008-03-20 05:50 PM
  7. DoerrFan's Avatar
    I got my first Mac about two years ago.
    Best computer ever.
    2008-03-22 05:47 PM
  8. playful_cyanide's Avatar
    i agree. I bought a mac 2 years ago, and have found programs with equivelant or greater power than on pc. The only thing i regret about buying a mac is that there is no GTA or Soldat for it. oh well, I rarely play video games anyway.
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    2008-03-22 09:05 PM