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    Information leaked about alum macbook with multitouch and a 32GB iphone.

    Check it out:


    A MacRumors reader ran across a very unusual .Mac web page yesterday and was kind enough to forward it on. The page contained promotional images for Apple products, including a couple that are not yet shipping products. Specifically, an aluminum MacBook with multitouch and an iMac-like MacBook Pro design were shown:

    Typically, we might dismiss such images as some of the many speculative fan-made mockups floating around, but the web page also listed a valid "@apple.com" iTunes Store account and password. Due to the live account information listed, we are not linking directly to the site, but have provided some screenshots below.

    The site also revealed a number of other details, including teasers for iTunes 8, a 32GB iPhone, and a WWDC launch date (June 10th). The amount of information included at this early date, especially on a publicly accessible site, makes it difficult to believe. However, the live @apple.com iTunes account is difficult to ignore. The designs are consistent with recent rumors of upcoming design changes to Apple's notebooks.
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    already been debunked..FAKE!!

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