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    Just click on this link, and after four people have clicked on it, then ill post their names and then four more.....
    click here to start it!

    Im only kidding, but really... want Adobe Creative Suite 3 but cant afford it or don't want to shell out 1000's of bucks or just have too good of a heart not to pirate it? well try these out.. on the house

    Photoshop - The Gimp [download] or Paint.net [download]
    Flash - Synfig [download] or LiveSwift [download]
    Dreamweaver - Komposer [download]
    Acrobat Reader - Foxit Reader [download] or PrimoPDF [download]
    Illustrator - Inkscape [download]
    InDesign - Scribus[download]
    Premiere Pro
    - Jahshaka [download]

    Total cost = $0

    information obtained from c|net for more information click here
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    2007-07-30 06:56 AM
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    Nice list.

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    2007-07-30 06:59 AM
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    yes this list has been very helpful.

    2007-07-30 08:23 AM
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    have gimp and lovin it. I think I'm gonna download Synfig today!
    2007-07-30 07:41 PM