1. reeko's Avatar

    my mac mini is hooked up with my lcd tv via. dvi - hdmi cable.

    the screen has about a 1 inch black border around it with the macs standard resolutions and when put into overscan mode, cuts off around the same from the screen.

    i have read up and the only option i have is to use switchresx or displayconfigx to make a custom resolution to fit my screen.

    the problem is, the screen no matter what i do will not move to the left of the screen.

    if i enlarge it, it just goes off the right of the screen, then i set the porches to move the screen to the left and it doesnt move the screen at all.

    there are so many mac users on here, there must be at least one that has used these programmes. can you lend a man a bit of help please? im ripping my hair out, ive spent over 6 hours on this thing now!

    ps. a pc/vga cable is not possible as my tv doesnt have one.
    2008-05-18 11:46 AM