1. pianoman173's Avatar
    Google announces a new mobile maps feature. Its called My Location and its for phones that dont have GPS. It will triangulate the cell towers and tells you where you are within an average of 10 blocks.

    "Google Maps for Mobile is available on the iPhone, but the My Location feature isn't yet."

    via Crave Blog
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    2007-11-28 09:57 PM
  2. FocalJetter's Avatar
    What!!! Why not iPhone!!!
    2007-11-28 10:11 PM
  3. pianoman173's Avatar
    I know!!. Well they said not yet so theres hope. Hopefully in the next update.
    2007-11-28 10:17 PM
  4. reef150's Avatar
    I loaded this yesterday on my Blackberry Curve (my "work' phone). It works pretty well, not quite as accurate as GPS and does not currently have 'coverage' everwhere, but its not a bad substitute. This would be a killer app on the iPhone with the larger, brighter screen....

    Now, if ol' Steve is planning to include GPS in the iPhone 2 I just hope they don't sandbag this one for our current iPhones..... Perhaps in the early part of the year along with the SDK.... it requires a new "app" on the existing phone (although they could clearly update the current Google Maps app).
    2007-12-01 05:37 AM
  5. laloo40's Avatar
    I actually have used this and I really like it!
    2007-12-02 06:09 AM
  6. gardz's Avatar
    Wow, this is absolutely intense!! I really do hope this appears in the next firmware... but I also hope this doesn't stop Apple from adding GPS to the next iPhone release.

    The things I'm looking for in the next release is:
    Better camera
    Standardized headphone jack.

    If these all came, I'd be an EXTREMELY happy person!
    2007-12-03 08:53 AM
  7. Ridge's Avatar
    This is something that would truly rock!

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    2007-12-03 09:55 AM
  8. Pilgrim's Avatar
    This sounds like an awesome feature.

    So pretty much people can see where you are, at all times? Or is it just for you to see where you are, so you dont get lost?
    2007-12-03 06:08 PM
  9. pianoman173's Avatar

    No its not for people to see where you are. Its for you to not have to type in where you are anymore so you can find the nearest gas stations, hospitals etc...
    2007-12-04 01:42 AM