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    So my business partner Fresh just found out the link to my website (http://***************) is being blocked by this site? apearantly i-f-o-n-e-guide is a "a censored word"
    and here i was thinking this was actually a free and uncensored website, but NO! it seems that mmi moved it's server to china or something or really wants to relive the cold war.
    Or as the owner put it nicely... he can't have us helping people out because THAT REDUCES TRAFFIC TO MMI and ofcourse that will reduce the income.
    how incredibly frikking sad is that?
    So everyone, i urge you to boycot this site, by all means go to hackint0sh!!
    these people are just stingy self absorbed freaks!
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    2007-11-29 05:21 PM
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    I think spamming is probably banned here, and some noob trying to push his lame website on users here probably counts as spam!

    EDIT: I think links to your site were probably blocked to users wouldn't have to look at that godawful frame covering 3/4 of your homepage!
    2007-11-29 05:23 PM
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    Too bad, I think it may have more to do with spamming though - and probably Fresh's attitude to some of the members on this site.
    2007-11-29 05:40 PM
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    see, your reaction exactly shows my point when mentioning sad freaks
    probably never realised this site has much more ads on it huh? also me (nor fresh) have never just spammed our site, we just post here and try to help people out who have iphone troubles (unlike pr!cks like you who just like to swear at people and pretend they know it all)
    (and you might try and take some english classes, your last sentence makes no sense whatsoever, ever heard of grammar?)

    Too bad, I think it may have more to do with spamming though - and probably Fresh's attitude to some of the members on this site.
    there has been NO spamming i am quite sure, every post has had usefull (-ish) info in it.
    as far as fresh being rude i am not aware of that at all (and neither is he) and i think the nice thing to do would be to tell him off if he does so, to censor a site is just sad!
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    2007-11-29 05:45 PM
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    I'm very sad about this discussion and about what is going on.

    Well, I've had 8 "thank yous" in a short time, that feels good.

    Happy unlocking and unbricking!

    2007-11-29 05:49 PM
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    you spammed, when you were politely asked to stop you decided to be hostile and rude, your site was then filtered, next step is you will be removed. no spam policy, its been up as long as this site has been in existence, and this thread is mostly pathetic. To use our site you follow our site rules or you leave, pretty simple.

    it's even mentioned in this thread which I have required everyone to view that spamming isn't tolerated. I don't suppose you bothered to read it? that's rude. stop wasting my time. this site isn't your personal billboard to advertise yourself.
    2007-11-29 06:02 PM
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    I asked fresh very politely and without any ill feelings to please not have posts which were nothing more than a link to his site, as it comes across as spam. He had a few posts which had no content other than a link to his site. I told him we liked the ifoneguide, had no problems with it, and allow outgoing links without any issue - we always have, to any site.

    After my request, fresh was extremely rude about it, even going so far as to suggest our guides are plagiarized, and that we "don't care about the community," and telling me essentially that he'd do whatever he pleased. That, for the most part, is the reason we chose to filter the link. Our policy has always been that you can link to whoever, whenever you'd like, providing two things: 1) the site doesn't host warez (illegal in the US, and as far as I can tell the ifoneguide doesn't, and 2) you are providing original, relevant content, and providing a link to the source. If all you're doing is posting a post with JUST a link to your site, thats spam, and thats rude.

    And if you think this site shouldn't have any ads, then please, by all means, PayPal us the thousands of dollars in server fees, time invested, and other expenses that are required to keep up with 80,000+ users, 1200-1500+ of which are on at any given time. I mean, come on...

    For the love of God, people, calm down. Of course, if we were REALLY into censorship, we wouldhave just IP banned the folks in question. I don't see THAT happening, do you?

    EDIT: and what cash said, yah.
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    2007-11-29 06:08 PM