1. wareagle5693's Avatar
    anyone played this before? i went out and bought it yesterday, after i found out the 16gb iphone was only gonna be 300, and i beat it today. has anyone played online? how is it? what did you think of the game itself? i thought the story was good.. but it was waaaaay to short.
    2008-06-11 06:18 AM
  2. dale1v's Avatar
    I heard that it got poor ratings.
    2008-06-11 06:34 AM
  3. wareagle5693's Avatar
    Yeah, I thought that the game was pretty fun, but it was really short like a said above, and was wondering bout online, I don't think anything will ever be as good as Cod4 for online play but was just wondering bout that
    2008-06-11 06:37 AM
  4. Happy Noodle Boy's Avatar
    The Escapist : Video Galleries : Zero Punctuation : Army of Two

    All you need to know about the game is covered in the review linked above.

    I'm a helpful jerk, fear me.
    2008-06-11 07:07 AM
  5. Neo-Tech's Avatar
    Army of Two wasn't that good of a game, it didn't look good to me. So COD4 for the win

    "Everybody has common sense, but most just don't use it, then you wonder why?" - Neo-Tech
    2008-06-11 07:32 AM
  6. screamforme02's Avatar
    COD4 pwns Army of Two lol
    Hey! A Restore Never Hurts It's True!
    2008-06-11 08:56 PM
  7. Happy Noodle Boy's Avatar
    They're two entirely different games, why even compare them?

    I'm a helpful jerk, fear me.
    2008-06-11 11:31 PM
  8. Zeal's Avatar
    Why cant it be Army of One/
    2008-06-12 12:24 AM
  9. wareagle5693's Avatar
    COD4 pwns Army of Two lol
    COD4 pwns almost anything lol
    2008-06-12 06:03 AM