1. Firefly's Avatar
    Well I am a Project Manager in construction working for a large medical center just south of Cincinnati. I was a submariner (mechanic) in the Navy for 10 years before getting out into the private sector as a PM, where I have been for the last 7 years (which puts me at 35....ugh, hurts to say it).
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    If it keeps up, man will atrophy all his limbs but the push-button finger. ~Frank Lloyd Wright
    2007-08-10 04:49 PM
  2. chrissurra's Avatar
    Financial Analyst on Wall Street West aka Jersey City.
    2007-08-11 04:44 AM
  3. h3lpmedic's Avatar
    Combat Medic, US Army. Back home for the time being and hoping to finish college with in the year.
    2007-08-11 07:50 PM
  4. f00fighters's Avatar
    I'm a litigation support trial analyst for a multimedia division. I assist with open and closing arguments for different court cases as well as presentations for trial.
    2007-08-11 08:08 PM
  5. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    I love it. We got some good folks in here.

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    2007-08-11 11:06 PM
  6. coreym@cfl.rr.com's Avatar
    I am a consultant and emergency response trainer for the Department of Homeland Security. I also run my own training and consulting firm out of Central Florida. Specializing in custom emergency response training and planning. I dont have any experience in development of apps or anything like that. so this site has been real great for me to browse and learn from. I have been a smart phone user (cal and other apps are a necessity in my field) and a MAC user for the last several years. Love the MAC now, so I had to get the iPhone, I am just trying to figure out how to maximize the "smarts" of the phone! Plus making all the other trainers at homeland drool!! I also own the greatest dog breed out there the ENGLISH BULLDOG!!
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    2007-08-11 11:29 PM
  7. jedibugs's Avatar
    I'm 28 and I'm a Mortgage Broker/Filmmaker in Sarasota, FL.
    2007-08-12 01:20 AM
  8. Ruud's Avatar
    i'm a moderator on M3 and i tattoo/draw/paint/drink
    So how's that JB stuff working out?
    I'm still trying to get my 1st gen. into dfu mode
    2007-08-12 01:54 AM
  9. vipricerpm's Avatar
    Hiiii everyone....
    Im noob to MMI so i figured this would be a good place to start off at ^__^;

    Im 26 originally from So Cali, currently up in the the bay for a while. Im a realtor, mortgage analyst, and loan processor. Been in the business for about 5years now servicing all of Cali.

    Awsome site btw.... still a noob to programmin.. but i'll figure it out sooner or later =P
    2007-08-12 03:56 AM
  10. 89.tristan's Avatar
    hi i'm tristan, 18, working in a starbucks on long island, and in my senior year at HS... came over from the motox forums... R.I.P. Razr V3i- non iTunes..... running off a macbook and a hp laptop... and a HUGE floyd/gilmour fan.... good work people
    2007-08-12 03:59 AM
  11. senas8's Avatar
    Nice. Boeing?
    No, but we do subcontract with Boeing as well as Airbus...the Army.etc
    There is no reason to do something anonymously if it is believed to be legal and it will benefit our rights.
    2007-08-12 06:45 AM
  12. Lostman's Avatar
    I'm the Director of Purchasing for an imaging supplies wholesaler. I'm also enjoy all things tech and play a few instruments.
    2007-08-12 05:30 PM
  13. TomTomTuning's Avatar
    Technical support for a ISP
    2007-08-12 07:30 PM
  14. Tomer's Avatar
    i leech my parents
    2007-08-12 10:51 PM
  15. gigglez's Avatar
    Girls rule and boys drool! I am a 25 year old female

    speech language pathologist living in colorado
    2007-08-13 05:52 PM
  16. r00t4rd3d's Avatar
    I sell illegal substances.

    2007-08-13 06:43 PM
  17. ultimateendz's Avatar
    oddly enough i feel like im the odd man out....im 23, and a professional programmer for an insurance company. pretty much mainframe db2 IMS and java and javascript and sql. trying to learn as much as the older folks know around here. Im the youngest programmer here by about 10 yrs. lol
    2007-08-13 06:50 PM
  18. a17n5ni17e's Avatar
    Hey everyone.. i'm a 25 years, filipino/white female.. that lives in Sunny San Diego (south cali). I work for SHARP (a local hospital) in their patient financial services department. Currently i am on maternity leave til DEC.. i gave birth to my 2nd child a baby girl on July 2nd.

    Although i dont mess with any of the programing or modding (i leave the modding to my husband.. i tell him what i want and he mkaes it haappen) i do LOVE my phones! Growing up through college i had a NEW phone every 3 months.. i finally settled down when i had my first child and the MDA for t-mobile came out.. i tried the DASH, then my goddess the iPhone came out.

    Like i said earlier.. i dont know how to do programing or modding, but i am THANKFUL to ALL of you that do, cause my phone looks GREAT! With out this site i would not be impressed with my iPhone as much as i am.
    2007-08-22 08:21 PM
  19. jasunto's Avatar
    high speed internet tech support for comcast cable and im 25 in orlando fl
    2007-08-22 08:51 PM
  20. mbaturin's Avatar
    Hey, im a 21 year old from South Jersey. Im finishing up school in New Brunswick NJ at Rutgers University. Majoring in Information Technology and Informatics, minor in Computer and Electrical Engineering.

    I am currently interning at Campbell Soup Company in Camden NJ as a Business Analyst on their Business Intelligence team. Going back to school soon though. Campbells is an amazing company to work for by the way.
    2007-08-22 09:16 PM
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