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    I'm going through for sale websites searching for resold iPhones, particularly ones that have been jailbroken|unlocked and had oodles of goodies installed (i.e. game ROMs). My thoughts on this reminded me of another group of folks that sold modchips for certain consoles, even ones who went as far as installing copies of games onto the hard drives. You also probably have seen some news where an individual got busted for selling modified consoles with pirated software installed.

    Now I don't mind those who resell iPhones that have been jailbroken|unlocked. No issue here. The real issue is the fact that some iPhones are being sold with ROMs installed. If you have a copy of the ROM, but not the actual (physical) cart, shame on you

    I'm sure there are ways to get around this. In summary, what happened to those folks that sold modded consoles w/ pirated software can also happen to those who sell modded iPhones w/ pirated ROMs. *BUSTED*

    So...am I crazy to think of this?

    Food for thought...

    2007-12-09 08:51 AM