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    G4TV Blog Releases Information about CoD:WaW

    G4TV recently released new information about Call of Duty: World at War after attending Microsoft Games for Windows Convention. They got a sneak peek at a short part of a single player mission described as.

    The Single Player Campaign starts out as you playing a American POW in a Japanese camp. After witnessing a fellow prisoner have his throat cut, described by G4TV as a brutally great scene you are freed by fellow American solders.

    According to the game the game really captures the brutality of the war and the animosity towards the Japanese. G4TV depicts another scene from the short glimpse of the Single Player.

    One particular moment saw two American soldiers arguing about what to do with a captured Japanese soldier. The argument lasts about 10 seconds before one of the soldiers just shoots the prisoner.

    They also were able to uncover many important details about the multi-player/cooperative game although they were unable to get a hands on.

    * CoD4 Perk System - Yes!
    * CoD4 Prestige System - Yes!
    * Vehicles in Multi-Player - Yes! (this means vehicle perks as well)
    * Squad Based Perks - Yes! (meaning that people in a given radius get these upgrades)

    Treyarch representatives stressed that the Squad System was not like the one seen in the Battlefield Franchise.

    To read the entire article check it out on the G4TV Blog Page!

    Discuss these ground breaking changes in the Call of Duty: World at War General Discussion

    Get your name in Call of Duty: World at War

    It was recently announced on the Official Web Site that everyone that registers at their forums will have a chance to have their name placed on a Non-Playable Character (NPC). The winner of this competition will also be able to choose three of his comrades to have their names featured in Call of Duty World at War!

    To find out more about this awesome pre-release event check out the Official Web Site for the rules and regulations for this particular event.

    Sign up soon because the event ends 11:59 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time on July 25, 2008. Remember to check back and find all the latest news on Call of Duty World at War here on the Call of Duty:World at War portal.

    Taken from: Cod World at War Portal - GameReplays.org
    2008-06-27 06:32 PM
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    very cool but most of that was revealed before G4 found out lol. Same reason why I really cant stand watching AOTS anymore, besides the fact that Munn is a complete idiot, but they have all this "late-breaking"stuff that is actually old as hell.

    Thanks for the post Zeal
    2008-06-27 06:54 PM
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    Shes Hot tho...

    And No Problem
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    AWsome , if any one has xbox live and wants 2 play add me : bleach master2
    wow that was completely random and off topic
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    Someone needs more friends on xbox live..
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