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    I have been a quiet participant on #IPhone in irc.osx86.hu. And have watched the admin there 'Darken' bash, ban, kick and oust everyone from developers to users, to new people at every turn he can. I thought i should post this here because hes really blacklisting the same community that has provided so much support for the devteam. With people like him as mods of irc or the board or anywhere it is impossible to make progress as an iphone community, let alone a small developer community. I saved his postings for a couple of hours just to see what i could find. Below are the logs:

    # iPhone-Dev: 10:01 - 12/17/2007 - Darken: don't ask precursor questions
    # iphone 11:37 - 12/17/2007 - Darken: worm there is no answer to that question, read the topic
    # iphone 11:40 - 12/17/2007 - Darken: "no means no"
    # iphone 11:40 - 12/17/2007 - Darken: dont spam that channel
    # iphone 11:41 - 12/17/2007 - Darken: element i laugh at you
    # iphone 12:05 - 12/17/2007 - Darken: Andrewrz how about not be a moron next time buying phones to

    As you can see this is only 2 hours of him being online. I myself was banned after he made fun of a developers hard work in deving an iphone application. I stood up for this developer and called this guy a not so nice word so i got an immediate ban. I thought the community should be aware of this and understand that if you ask any questions in the #iphone channel that you can expect darken to either make fun of you or ban you.
    2007-12-18 04:49 AM
  2. MOSHO92's Avatar
    ^ Whats with the drama? Leave it over there, we're fine here...
    2007-12-18 09:57 AM
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    The reason i posted this was really to bring attention to the larger problem underneath. All the applications people install on their iphone come from the iphone dev community. There currently are estimated around 25 total iphone developers. With such a small dev community and such a large viewing audience there is very little room for people on ego trips. If we want to see continued progress in the iphone community especially software we need to make sure that people like darken dont ruin the dev community for everyone.
    2007-12-18 03:48 PM
  4. defmute's Avatar
    If someone gets banned for something they believe is stupid, then hopefully they will just go to (or start one of their own) another dev community (like iPhone elite).

    I don't really see them just giving up entirely, just giving up on working with some people.
    2007-12-18 04:10 PM
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    They're probably just sick of having to answer the same 3 questions over and over for the last 4 months. I guess they would rather the channel attracted less noobs so they could get on with talking about the more technical stuff
    To live, you have to lie
    2007-12-18 05:49 PM
  6. MOSHO92's Avatar
    Not to undermine the work the devs are doing, but I think once the SDK is released we'll have no shortage of developers.
    2007-12-18 07:26 PM
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    We've got our share of developers here, and we all try to get along with no issues. Drama is lame, but has no place here - winds up just becoming juvenile, every time.

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    2007-12-18 08:09 PM