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    Hello everyone, nice to see so many people wanting to completely change their iPhone to do what it should already be able to do...

    In a perfect world this is what should happen when you plug your iPhone into your PC:

    Pop up: "Thank your for purchasing an iPhone! Would you like to manage its files yourself, or use our totally crappy and limited software called iTunes!"

    "Okay... I guess I'll manage myself..."

    On your PC window you get a new icon, oh look an external hard drive!

    Double click that... Hmmm... Seems to be a few folder in here; Music, Videos, Pictures.

    Let me go ahead and drag my media in here... Mp3's - Wmv - Avi's, no matter it's quite a capable device it can defiantly play all this.

    Now I ask: What the hell is wrong with behing able to do this? My old phone (Sony w950i) was able to do it.

    Now I'm sorry for the rant but I just needed somewhere to vent and I'm sure a lot of you here feel the same way. Thanks for reading.
    2008-07-04 07:03 PM
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    If you look on the Summary page of the "crappy and limited" iTunes program, you'll see an option to manually manage the iPhone. Which provides a simple drag & drop feature for all aspects of moving to files to your iPhone.
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    Get "iPod & iTunes for Dummies", it'll change your life.
    2008-07-04 07:13 PM
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    Wow, this is the first time I've ever seemed to have offended someone in a forum. My apologies friend.

    This is what I meant to say:

    I'm sure that I'm not the only person who wishes he can just drag and drop everything without using any application, and without having to convert videos. The device has the capability to do this, what I meant to say is why must we have this hassle with hacking and modding stuff?

    Okay so theres a function to manage your stuff manually, really? I can't even drag a jpeg file directly, let alone any other type of video file other than mp4. I still have to go through iTunes. Thats my issue, and like I said I'm pretty sure other people feel this way.

    So yeah, no offence anyone! I'm just ranting.
    2008-07-04 08:28 PM
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    I get ya. Here we come to it's Apple's way or the highway. Apple doesn't support anything non-Quicktime. So any videos must be M4V or MP4. It's also Steve's way of maintaining law and order on "his" devices. By allowing people to drag & drop anything to their iPhone, and put it anywhere, it simply compounds the possibility of errors (both human and electronic).

    People would start moving .avi's & .divx movies, .gif & .tif pictures, .wma & .ogg audio files... can you see where this is going? They'll start wondering why the hell none of these are working, and who will they call? who will they blame? Apple. That's a liability and cost Steve just doesn't want to put up with.

    Not saying its fair, just pointing out the reasoning.
    Get "iPod & iTunes for Dummies", it'll change your life.
    2008-07-04 08:49 PM
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    itunes is ok, except for the duplicate songs issue... but i have to agree somehow with the external hard drive thing, i also had a sony ericsson before, and it's really simple, the essence of plug and play, but, yeh.. it's steve's way or the highway
    2008-07-04 09:10 PM
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    I still think there a civilized middle ground in this.

    Just when opting to do these things you should be warned of the risk; even as it is now it still wont stop people from hacking their phone. They know this voids any kind of warranty.

    Just have it so system files aren't displayed and have a simple file structure for anyone to use.

    About the videos, what the heck is wrong with supporting other codecs? Take a look at the PSP for example, even Sony provided a wmv codec in their hand held. Mind you, it did have a warning before you could actually activate it. Don't ask me what it said I always skip it...

    I think it's just because this is my first apple product I actually own, sorry I'm slow to keep up with the trends. I have to admit it is the best screen ever created for a mobile phone, and thats pretty much the reason I got it. If anything else comes along that is similar or better (and not from apple) I'm definatly getting it.
    2008-07-04 09:13 PM
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    Welcome to Steve's world, he is the ultimate Control freak megalomaniac. Keep it Simple Stupid is his mantra, and no one is going to question him.
    Get "iPod & iTunes for Dummies", it'll change your life.
    2008-07-04 09:18 PM
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    Okay so we have to resort to this I guess. Are there codecs available for the iPhone? I've been searching and can't find anything. Just video converters.
    2008-07-04 10:23 PM
  9. Eurisko's Avatar
    Nope. No codecs for any other video format for the iPhone.
    Get "iPod & iTunes for Dummies", it'll change your life.
    2008-07-04 10:28 PM
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    lol funny thing is the MMi community has been built on people who believe we should have more control of our iphones with third party apps etc. we have come a long way when we first jailbroke our phones all we had added to the phone was a game or two now we can delete single, messages/calls send/receive MMS, get file access to our phones with programs like winscp and iphonebrowser, just imaging where well be next year!
    2008-07-07 09:55 AM
  11. gray mouser's Avatar
    I think there is a certain issue that lies at the heart of this problem. Steve is limiting the chances of people 'stealing' from him.

    "Steal from me once, SHAME ON YOU! Steal from me twice, SHAME ON ME!"

    I think that is his mantra.

    Just an opinion.

    btw, that was the first time you offended someone with a post? I find that slightly hard to believe, unless it was your first time posting. These types of forums are very open to misinterpretation, much more than a phone conversation or face-to-face interactions (yes, it still happens ). I am not the nicest person on the forums but even when I am nice I have found I sometimes rub people the wrong way. Comes with the territory I guess.
    2008-07-09 05:54 PM
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    btw, that was the first time you offended someone with a post? I find that slightly hard to believe, unless it was your first time posting.
    Lol, nope. I've used forums a bit, not much tough (and mainly world of warcraft forums ) and that is the first time I feel I've got a negative reaction.

    About that stealing thing? When did Steve get stolen on before?
    2008-07-11 12:42 AM
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    i think it comes down to, apple nor steve wana let go of any money to microsoft or anyone, especially for the rights to use some codecs when theirs work just fine.

    and i agree about the phone being stable and fool proof but mp3 players have had the folder file system almost from the start.

    a long time ago i had a 1gb sandisk mp3 player that had 3 folders (mp3s, voice recordings, pictures)
    and no matter how many times i formatted that drive, those folders came back!

    it can be done.
    steve is Edit Poseidon: Not appropriate.
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    2008-07-13 12:38 PM
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    Its a fail safe....I appreciate it cuz my wife and I both have iPhones and I know whats going on, however.... Ive had to restore and reunlock hers more than once!
    2008-07-16 04:37 PM
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    I still can't understand how people complain about any device not only the iPhone, but so many things i've seen in many forums.
    People saying "why they don't do the {device1} like the {device2}? my {device2} can do this do that and the &%^&${company's device1} are not able to do that"
    OK so keep your {device2} and sell your non like it {device1}.

    If any device don't support any feature, or do any task is because the Inventor, Creator, Designer...ETC do it like that, as is, if you don't like there always are many ways to mod it, sometimes even mod it don't satisfice your dreams.
    OK don't complain just keep it to yourself, go cry in your room and start Inventing your own Dreamed Device, then Built it sell it and expect another (word kept it to myself) person complain about it.

    I clarify that i'm not talking about people's freedom of speech. Anyone has the right to (write in this case) what is in their mind, but one thing is give to others your opinion and other different to critic, compare, argue and keep arguing about what they don't do it they way you like.

    This is not for anyone in specific and is not intent to offend. Thanks.
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    2008-07-16 11:09 PM