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    Hey everyone, hope you all had a Merry Christmas! I know I did.. Especially getting my new iPhone

    Now, there's a problem. I know how to put the music on it. I have 2 Avenged Sevenfold CD's to put on it, and I had no problem at all putting their self-titled album on it, but the second one, City of Evil, is not going on right. There's 11 songs on the CD. When I sync all 11 of them on at the same time, 8 of them go in one section of my iPhone, and 3 of them go to another section. Both of the sections are still called "City of Evil" because that's the CD they're from, but why aren't they combining? The other 3 songs are no different than the rest (not that I know of at least?)

    So what do I do? I really don't understand. The first CD went on easy, zip, no problem. Now the second one is being weird. Lol.

    I appreciate any help! Thanks!
    - Brian
    2007-12-29 05:39 AM
  2. iPhoneHero's Avatar
    check for spaces after the artist name or album name. that always got me before.
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    2007-12-29 02:28 PM
  3. FT33's Avatar
    Thanks for the help iPhoneHero, but I just checked all the songs, and there's no extra spaces in any of the names. I just checked through all of them, and they're all good. I just don't understand why it would be seperating CD's! I mean, if worst comes to worst, i'll leave it like that, but it would be much nicer if all the songs from that CD would stay in one CD.
    - Brian
    2007-12-29 02:50 PM
  4. redcard's Avatar
    Check for the text for capitals and lower case.

    Easiest thing to do is select all the songs, and rename the album so everything matches. Seems to be a bug with the ipod software
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    2007-12-29 02:54 PM