1. iphone003's Avatar
    iphone rocks!!!!!!!!

    2007-12-30 10:54 AM
  2. philbee's Avatar
    3606 hands down
    2007-12-30 12:32 PM
  3. yowiphone's Avatar
    i think the
    PS3 has CELL
    and the
    360 has XENON?
    The CPU mate.
    Iphone Love... I dreamed of a iphone before it was out..
    2007-12-30 12:43 PM
  4. bookmark's Avatar
    Morning guys, wow, lots of 360 fanboys here
    360 it is.. i am going to finish my breakfast quickly and storm out to get it.
    be right back in a little
    2007-12-30 01:24 PM
  5. yowiphone's Avatar
    but i want a 360 btw
    Iphone Love... I dreamed of a iphone before it was out..
    2007-12-30 01:48 PM
  6. Spoon Love's Avatar
    theres pros and cons for each...


    pros : lots of games to choose, PC style server choice for online play.

    cons: The thing WILL break sooner then later. Chalk another one up for microsoft!


    pros : BLURAY *******! awesome graphics. BTW they can be better then xbox360, the hardware is better throughout, thats another reason you dont hear about them breaking.

    cons : **** games as of now, give it some time and it will bloom (MGS4, and GTA4) those games alone would be worth lookin for a ps3 in a pawn shop for cheap as balls. Also the system itself is pretty loud when its on.
    Last edited by Spoon Love; 2007-12-30 at 03:54 PM.
    2007-12-30 03:51 PM
  7. gameviper's Avatar
    360 dude. it kicks *** as long as you have xbox live. if not ur only using half of the 360's power
    2007-12-30 04:33 PM
  8. k0mpresd's Avatar
    xbox360 + dvd firmware hack =
    2007-12-30 05:15 PM
  9. bookmark's Avatar
    YEAAAA>.. i am back with my 360
    First impression... "DAMN, the box is heavy"
    2nd impression... "GOSH, the machine is huge" (which i really like)
    3rd impression... "MY GOD, the green and orange packaging.... " lol

    Anyway, still very happy with it. Although it's way too complicated to set up the machine
    (my last machine was PS.. got it when i first came out)

    But thanks for all your helps guys, thats the 2nd happiest purchase this year after of course the "iPhone"

    My account ID is NGLester

    +1 to u all, happy new year
    2007-12-30 06:16 PM
  10. DoerrFan's Avatar
    360 all the way! Only because of the games and live.
    2007-12-30 07:48 PM
  11. lafastfords's Avatar
    software can be fixed easily. hardware well it will cost u a lot on add ons or a new system..... get a PS3. Sony is starting to get it right with the new firmware updates

    In my opinion:

    Microsoft got the software right, and the hardware wrong.
    Sony got the hardware right, and the software wrong.

    Guess you have to choose which one is more important to you.

    Sidenote: you have to pay to use the 360 online (though it is better), while the ps3 is free to use online (and thus, not so great)...
    2007-12-30 09:54 PM
  12. opusandbill's Avatar
    PS3s good. Xbox is better.
    I think the PS3 is better especially considering what you get for the price. $499 for 80g hard drive plus blu-ray player. the playstation is top seller in japan right now even more sells then the Wii.
    2007-12-30 10:01 PM
  13. phobos's Avatar
    PS3 is a no brainer.
    The hardware is far superior than 360 and the developers are starting to use its capabilities. They actually start making the games in PS3 and then transfer them to 360 which makes sense than the other way around.

    A big plus is the amazing upscaling for DVDs. If you have a big screen TV you will appreciate it.

    And let's not forget it's the cheapest bluray player in the market.
    2007-12-30 10:42 PM
  14. DirtyDan's Avatar
    This thread is pointless because it's really a personal preference. But since you asked I'll tell you mine.

    XBOX 360. I like the controllers better, even though this is my first XBOX and I used to be a PS2 fanboy. I have the HD DVD player which I bought on sale at Best Buy for $150 and it came with one HD Movie in the box plus I got 5 more of my choice by mail. I don't have a 1080p tv anyways, mine is 1080i, so there is no difference between Blu-Ray and HD DVD on my tv. Xbox has more games out. It's been out longer. It's sold a lot more units. It's less expensive. And as far as having problems with it well that's hit and miss. I know people that have had problems with them, but I bought mine for $200 at a pawn shop with the 20GB HDD in it, and it was marked as broken. I played it there at the shop and it worked fine so I took it home. Everyone told me it was gonna 3 rings of death and it never did. Still working fine and its sitting right next my tv so it's only getting good airflow on one side. XBOX Live is way better than Playstations online service, and you can also download movies, music, tv shows, etc. and watch directly off of your hard drive on XBOX live that you cannot do with PS3 because they don't offer a service like that. Anyways for someone that doesn't think this thread will make much difference I sure typed alot. If you have read all of this, I'm sorry, no, you can't have back the last 5 minutes of your life. If it took you longer than 5 minutes to read this, your stupid.

    2007-12-31 12:03 AM
  15. yowiphone's Avatar
    PS3 there are gonna be more games in 08.
    Iphone Love... I dreamed of a iphone before it was out..
    2007-12-31 03:50 AM
  16. Dash-2's Avatar
    And when it comes down to it:

    I'm a PC gamer.

    There's no comparisison when it comes to PC over a main stream gaming system.
    2007-12-31 07:17 AM
  17. dooley19's Avatar
    playstation 3 is nice, My friend has one..I had to send 360 back 2 times already and now its broke again! Im going with the playstation, at least I havent heard about it breaking!
    2007-12-31 07:42 AM
  18. Greenkirby21's Avatar
    Well back in the day when the PS3 was so expensive, i got a xbox 360 and a wii for the price of a PS3. If your going for games, xbox 360 has better games, and more special privileges than PS3. For example, some360 games have downloadable content that some PS3 games don't have. I also like Microsoft's franchises such as halo more than metal gear, but thats just me. Multimedia wise, the PS3 has a slight edge on xbox because it has the built in blue ray player, but on both systems(i know on xbox for sure), you can download hi def movies (i just got pirates 3!), and divx support is on both systems

    then again you always need a wii, those things have the best first party games, such as mario galaxy,metroid corruption, zelda, soon to be smash bros, and some third party games are really fun like madden(i have it on 360 and wii, and i prefer wii one because the controls are so much better : )
    2007-12-31 07:52 AM
  19. bookmark's Avatar
    playstation 3 is nice, My friend has one..I had to send 360 back 2 times already and now its broke again! Im going with the playstation, at least I havent heard about it breaking!
    You guys are starting to scare me with the 360 problems...

    But i still prefer the live chat while playing tho
    2007-12-31 02:54 PM
  20. mugen's Avatar
    depends on the user, i have all 3 consoles...
    360 - mainly halo, gear and online play
    ps3 - mainly blu-ray and dump videos to hard drive, i'll wait for games later.
    wii - for my kids...

    hrmm you just have to decide... go to best buy or wahtever and play for a bit, and see which one you like better...if not buy both :-P
    2007-12-31 06:34 PM
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