1. djdownhill's Avatar
    Thanks for all the info, hacks, mods, reviews, downloads, and laughs I have found here since this forum started.

    Some of you know me from other the other forums (currently retired from modding Motorolas) I am a member of and some not.

    But again thanks to one and all especially PF for creating a fantastic site.

    Now flame on cause I don't burn.......
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    2008-07-17 11:43 PM
  2. Kruejl's Avatar
    You make it too easy, dj!
    Apples taste good.
    2008-07-17 11:47 PM
  3. shivers316's Avatar
    Well DJ after all of the help I found from you when I had my E6 I can't flame. Sorry...
    2008-07-17 11:50 PM
  4. Zeal's Avatar
    In order to flame you.....

    2008-07-18 04:24 AM
  5. Zwayne's Avatar
    Good to see you Dj!!
    2008-07-18 04:33 AM
  6. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    Good to see you my friend. Welcome to MMi.

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    2008-07-18 06:02 AM
  7. Aiyo's Avatar
    haha, glad you enjoy the site

    If I ever helped you or made a comment you like, press the "thanks" button!
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    2008-07-18 08:17 AM
  8. gray mouser's Avatar
    Hello there. Do I know you?
    2008-07-18 10:07 PM
  9. Broomhead's Avatar
    Welcome to MMi
    2008-07-19 09:26 PM
  10. DoerrFan's Avatar
    Welcome to MMi
    2008-07-19 09:32 PM
  11. screamforme02's Avatar
    HELLO!! and welcome to the party
    Hey! A Restore Never Hurts It's True!
    2008-07-19 09:51 PM
  12. tyfly867's Avatar
    I feel the same way. I remember poetic_folly from motomodders.net and used his guides to hack the RAZR. He came out with the first and best osx modding guide for the RAZR.

    Good times, but weve all moved on to bigger and better things.
    2008-07-19 10:00 PM