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    Thought this was interesting

    Story goes my visual voicmail was not working one day kept asking for a password. ........k Ill do what i did last time just call up a.t&t and have them reset it again for me.... Somehow got transfered to apple support was like ok something new not bad hating the people who couldnt speak english anyways. So they asked me for my serial number i gave that to them then asked me for my imei also gave that too them they said it did not match up with the account i had set up. They calmly said sir have you unlock your phone , me playing dumb asked whats that mean they said oh nothing we just cant find your account on the computer. i said well im on my break at work i really need to get along now ill give you guys a call back later

    Never happened point and learned so if you vvm isnt working downgrade to 1.02 install all that is asked and follow tutorials on how to jailbreak 1.1.2 dont do it yourself

    ps: the phone on my account is a 4gb i do believe that i sold a long time ago before the price dropped.


    2008-01-05 03:15 AM
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    Haha my friend called Apple when his phone was bricked by 1.1.1 (Hes not very smart lol) Calls Apple they are like Whats your IMEI? He gives the 0499 one there like Have you ever installed unlocking software on the phone he said no they are like Did it unlock itself then? Then they pretty much voided his warranty, god forbid.
    2008-01-05 04:28 AM
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    Wow haha good job apple
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    2008-01-05 04:35 AM
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    Apple is a power house.

    2008-01-05 08:14 AM
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    ok i got a 1.1.3 jailbroken, i was having that voicmail password issue so i read some were u have to contact att. so i did on the internet and att sent me a message saying everything was ok. voicemail is fine now ut now i have no cell phone service.. i could really use some help on this one. i really dont want to go through downgrading again. any ideas??
    2008-01-29 05:23 AM
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    What does that have to with Apple is catching on? Please start a new thread in the appropriate area, with an appropriate title. Thanks.

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    2008-01-29 05:44 AM
  7. scottvalentine's Avatar
    replace ur lockdownd file
    search the forums for more info
    this is how i got my service back on 1.1.3
    2008-01-29 06:10 AM