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    ok, great, thanks for the input on the macs, I really appreciate it. Ok, but, one thing I don't understand about the new mac book air, is if it doesnt have a cd/dvd burner/player, how do we burn music and movies and such?? Ok, well I heard that it's like wireless and that you have to have another computer at home to transfer the data, or files, or whatever, but, anyways, why would we want 2 computers in one household?? I mean an extra one just for that, is what I mean, like just to be able to transfer from it?? Right?? I'm confused on that part.

    So what is the truth on that?? Thanks again guys! Muuaaahh!!
    The air is supposed to have a external cdrom drive...I don't remember if it was an option or came with it. You can also buy an external USB cdrom drive at any computer store and use that. Burning will be non existent without it.
    Don't forget the Thanks if I helped
    2008-01-25 03:02 PM
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