1. AotW's Avatar
    ...was kinda horror...

    My 2nd Mac Mini died and was on repair in a local Apple supporter shop here in town.

    When I was looking there at some stuff I found that they were also selling Macs...

    Bought a Mac Pro and sold them my Mini and now I am more than satisfied...

    Glad to be back, time to pwn my iPhone now.
    If I could help you with my answer give me a
    2008-07-25 02:28 PM
  2. weezyhuy's Avatar
    That's definitely leaving a bicycle with training wheels and jumping on the Hayabusa. You will definitely love it and baby your new Mac Pro.
    2008-07-25 05:09 PM
  3. preston03's Avatar
    good deal man
    2008-07-25 07:10 PM