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    I have an HP Notebook which I sent in for repair last month. They replaced the motherboard, optical drive, LCD Screen and keyboard.

    Right now, my sound is not working and my computer is overheating. I need to send it in again for repair. However, legally speaking, is there anyway I can convince them to replace the entire notebook before school starts?

    The lemon law doesn't apply since I live in Ohio.

    2008-08-01 12:51 AM
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    there is usually a warranty on the repairs it's self. You just have to convince HP that the broken-ness was caused from their actions. That may be hard to prove since the parts in questions shouldn't of been touched in the first place.

    Good luck.

    by broken-ness I mean that the speakers wernt broken before the repair and now they are as a result of their trying to fix the other components.
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    2008-08-01 01:23 AM
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    they said they will repair it, if the problem persists they will then look at a replacement...

    any other ideas?
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    2008-08-03 06:55 PM
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    they had to replace all of that and it's still not working right... buy a mac ? Lol
    2008-08-04 06:21 AM
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    MAC RULES!!! PC DRULES!!! : ) haha, I will NEVER!!! buy another product from HP. They screw customers over all the time. Just look what they did with semi old printers when XP came out. Did we see new drivers for that? No, sorry faithful customers, you're out of luck, just buy a new $400+ all in one printer.
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    2008-08-04 11:23 AM