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  1. bhz1's Avatar
    Nahh I think ( BHZ1 ) is enough woman for the whole board...
    Question is were are woman like her when we are looking for them...
    I've looked in the apple store, but they aren't any there...
    Why thank you!

    Seriously, when I was young, my mother actually tried to "train" this out of me telling me that "no man will want me if I act like I can do things. She would tell me that I needed to let "the man" feel like hes stronger. I told her that I didnt want to play act my whole life and if a man couldnt deal with me then so be it. Interestingly, my husband hates nothing more than a "helpless female", but over all my mother was right in a way. In my 20's most of the guys seemed to steer clear of me. Now it seems my husband gets offers , if he doesnt want me anymore... LOL! Many of our male motorsports friends have said the same thing, "where were women like me?" I have to say "where were all you guys 25 years ago?"

    Either men have matured and grown more confident, or the younger generation is not so into gender roles. Both good.

    Reminds me of a middle school health class assignment my kids all had at one point. The had to interview mom and dad and ask what tasks they each could do. I could see they were aiming at gender roles. Well my kids all went in with every task checked off for both of us! Dad can cook sew as well as mow grass, work on the car, etc... Well so can mom! I have to hand it to the kids today, they all thought it was ultimately cool. I dont know how the stereotypical woman does it, I mena today for instance I had to take my younger two kids to the dentitst. In the waiting room there was a tv and they had on some soap opera. Ugh! I just played with my iPhone LOL and made comments with the kid who wasn't in getting his teeth cleaned.
    2008-08-14 10:56 PM
  2. crossfire2500's Avatar
    I'm with zeal. Omfg what to click.......*clicks yes* "DOH! That wasn't an option." just being honest I find it a bit unusual, usually when girls are into modding/downloading/burning things. I mean not to be sexist but they tend to not be very femanin. Now if I find a girl who's smokin', and nodded her iPhone... /run marriage.exe
    2008-08-16 08:41 AM
  3. Crouching Arse Star's Avatar
    There are no girls on the Internet.
    |ll||||l|||ll|iPwn 2.0
    2008-08-16 08:02 PM
  4. bhz1's Avatar
    girls are into modding/downloading/burning things. I mean not to be sexist but they tend to not be very femanin.
    Hey, watch it! I happen to look quite feminine, I just do not prefer typically feminine pursuits. I used to joke that Id spend the day wotking wiht tools, come in take a shower, style my hair do my nails and be ready for the night. I just dont like cooking, cleaning or coffee klatching. I am more of an introvert- I have few but very close friends that enjoy similar interests rather than a whole bunch of acquaintances that like to discuss superficial things.
    2008-08-17 12:28 AM
  5. Zeal's Avatar
    you guys forgot to add another option for zeal...
    Wtf thats supposed to mean!?!

    /run marriage.exe
    That sounds very.. nerdy....
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    2008-08-19 06:19 AM
  6. bhz1's Avatar
    Geeks are cool! We all don't look geeky either.
    2008-08-19 02:10 PM
  7. starrygirl75's Avatar
    Hey, bhz1...I agree...geeky females don't *have* to look geeky! I love techie stuff and I don't think I've ever been accused of being manly! I also like heavy metal and a lot of other predominately *male* things.

    Oh well. Most guys appreciate a woman with varied interests and intelligence. You sound like an awesome person. I'm sure that your sons are proud of their mom, and I'll just bet that they have a lot of respect for women, having been raised by such a versatile mom! )
    2008-08-20 02:51 AM
  8. pacmac's Avatar

    well said starrygirl..

    geek looking or not it dont matter aslong as we all get along
    2008-08-20 02:58 AM
  9. 1_iPhone_Lovin_Canadian's Avatar
    Im pretty sure i have a gender....................i think ive had a gender since i was a young child..........sure i might not have been sure which gender i was, but i ultimately decided upon male once i realized i had a big one.
    2008-08-20 04:35 AM
  10. bhz1's Avatar
    .sure i might not have been sure which gender i was, but i ultimately decided upon male once i realized i had a big one.

    Only living wiht 4 guys do I appreciate that comment.
    2008-08-21 09:46 PM
  11. uhmmm's Avatar
    pretending not to be very girly... makes a girl stay alive a little longer

    at least.. online it seems that way
    2008-08-25 09:09 AM
  12. bhz1's Avatar
    pretending not to be very girly... makes a girl stay alive a little longer

    at least.. online it seems that way
    Kinda sorta. It gives a girl a chance to prove herself before others can judge her incorrectly solely on the basis of her gender. Some females think this is selling out, however, even amongst males, there is a need to prove oneself knowledgeable and worthy. Women mistakenly believe its a gender thing, but its really about how one conducts oneself or what they know and what they do with that knowledge. Women are often not exposed to similar things so can be ignorant of facts and customs considered common among men. (duh, the basis of gender bias to begin with) Women tend to be conditioned to be more accepting of mediocrity so do not condemn men for attempting typically female pursuits. In fact, they love it. However, women can be much worse than men when criticizing others of their own gender. "She's a bad wife, mother, dresses poorly, doesnt keep a clean house, etc....." are common fodder between "many" women. What makes it worse is that these comments are not always based upon valid reasons, they are often based upon appearances or superficialities. I'm sometimes criticized because each of my kids has had their own PC for a while now. I'm a "bad" mom because I let my kids play video games as much as I do, yet my kids probably get in less trouble, are more polite, are more willing to contribute to the collective good, and get better grades than their kids. Just an example. This is probably the main reason that I have generally had more male friends than women friends since I was a kid.

    This said, I have generally hardly ever had any male treat me differently because of my gender. By speaking to various professionals, technicians, even friends intelligently, I have been treated accordingly. I let the few exceptions knew they were not in line.
    2008-08-25 05:46 PM
  13. dkaye's Avatar
    never underestimate the power of estrogen. especially power in numbers. =]
    chalk up another femme fatale.
    2008-08-25 07:20 PM
  14. z3r01's Avatar
    12 females only! oh man , this forum reeks of sausage....ok guys fret no more, im going over to a predominantly vag (vag as in women) forum and post a big MMi poster and get them over here!
    Last edited by z3r01; 2008-08-25 at 08:06 PM. Reason: defining vag for the mistaken
    2008-08-25 08:05 PM
  15. JuanKi's Avatar
    2008-08-27 07:48 PM
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