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    iusethis iphone software: New Releases

    Basically, it's like Digg for iPhone apps. The apps get posted and you "digg" them if you use them. With more people in it, it'll be able to give a good indication of what the good apps are. This isn't my site, fyi, I just found it today and figured "hey where's a bunch of iPhone users that could help it grow?"

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    2008-08-03 06:42 PM
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    <a href="http://stargate.mgm.com/specialops/link.php?link=9&id=5620">ccc</a>
    2008-08-03 11:52 PM
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    looks cool, ill take a look into it

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    2008-08-04 03:58 AM
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    <a href="http://stargate.mgm.com/specialops/link.php?link=9&id=5620">ccc</a>
    Quit advertising you TOOL
    2008-08-04 04:47 AM
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    Feels like spam even though I don't think u meant it like that
    2008-08-04 05:39 AM