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    Today I finally bought my wife an iPhone after weeks of her telling me how much she likes mine. While running jailbreak my son yanked out the cord and the phone was stuck at the "please connect to iTunes" screen. I tried to restore but it said "iPhone could not be restored, unknown reason". After several hours and many attempts to rerun iTunes restore and Jailbreak I was starting to think I would need to go back to the store and tell them it was D.O.A. For some reason I felt the need to restart my PC. When I did I discovered that iTunes automatically reloaded a new driver for my phone so I was able to restore everything and start the mod over (far away from my son this time)

    Moral of the story is; Mods good, children bad! or Apple is even looking out for hackers since we're mostly attacking Windows
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    Ha, nice.

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    2007-08-20 07:17 PM