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    hey people whats up,
    well I haven't shot photos in a few years and on black and white 35mm film. now I want to get back in to photography and I am looking for a new shooter that is priced nice and has great features. I can't go all out or my girlfriend will stone cold stunner me to hell. I'm leaning towards the canon eos rebel xti package. I've heard that it is a good shooter perfect for begineer to mid level amateurs. any advice from other photographers?

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    2008-08-11 02:22 AM
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    I recommend the Nikon D40x or the D60. Both have great quality but the d60 goes the extra mile with a lot of little features that you'll appreciate
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    2008-08-11 03:03 AM
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    I have a Nikon D40 and I really like it, but I kinda wish I got the d40X
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    2008-08-11 04:32 AM
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    ive heard alot of good things about this camera i also might be getting it cause its notquite a Dslr and not quite a P/S
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    also check out this site for a ton of good reviews

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    2008-08-11 05:07 AM
  5. pokekid's Avatar
    what some good lenses out there right now. what's the price range for some quality lenses? any good sites? thanks for the suggestions as well.
    2008-08-11 05:22 AM
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    There's no such thing as "best" because each one is tailored to the needs of the photographer. You need to decide if you want to spend all your time in an image editing program or just pointing and clicking.

    Nikon takes a more flat and balanced picture that needs to be edited to bring out the vibrance where Canon takes a more vivid and colorful photo and can usually be posted straight off the camera to the internet.

    Both have tons of accessories and lens options. Canon has MORE. Nikon does not have a bang for the buck lens, Canon has the 50mm for $89 that will outshoot most Nikon (and some Canon) lenses under $500.

    I sold a D70s and bought a Rebel XTi and have not been regretting it at all. The Nikon took too much time to process the "flat" images that came off the camera, whereas I have been shooting and posting colorful and vivid images straight off my Canon since December and it's been a joy.

    If you do plan on using an image editor for more "serious" pics then there's no "better" between the two other than what is more readily available in your area, however Canon is much easier to get things for and most anyone carries accy's for them.

    When it comes to point and shoot camera, Canon is king, but there is one "cheap" Nikon camera P&S camera that will roast the hell out of any Canon P&S and that is the Nikon Coolpix L1. NONE of the other Coolpix cameras can do what this little wonder does and I saw them for under $100 on ebay last I looked. They were clearanced and replaced with another model in 2006 and I haven't seen anything like them since then. I have no idea what Nikon did to these little simple and cheap P&S camera's, but ONLY the Coolpix L1 did things some DSLR's can't do image wise ..... including shoot video . If you can find one on ebay, they go for $100 or under and I'll buy the dang thing from you if you don't like it.

    I put one against my Rebel 300D and nobody could pic out which was the DSLR!

    When you make your purchase remember that the Lens is everything no matter what the camera is. Glass is the key. Nikon's fixed lens start at $300-ish and struggle to keep up with the Canon 50mm that is $89 at B&H photo (google it).

    As said, I now have a Rebel XTi I shoot with and it's been a joy all the way from the ease of image transfer to the $89 lens that kills most $500 len's out there. Some of the most serious photographers still shoot with their 50mm and put their $1500 lens in the bag just because it is that good of a lens.

    Good luck in your decision!

    EDIT: PS- I shot this last week with my XTi and the cheap "kit" lens. I wasn't even using the 50mm http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d5...IMG_5753-2.jpg
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    2008-08-11 05:27 AM
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    thanks a lot for the info. I am leaning into the xti right now and feel that it suits me for my photos. thanks for the advice fellas
    2008-08-11 05:33 AM
  8. jwfab1's Avatar
    Also Canon bodys and lenses are interchangable. There is a larger selection of aftermarket lenses that are compatible with canon bodys.

    Nikon is more proprietary when it come to lenses, which means a smaller selection.

    I'd go for the Canon, the new 40D is sweet!

    I'd sack up for the USM 50mm, I think it's about $300. This is the lens I use most.
    2008-08-11 06:39 AM