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    With MMi!! I joined here 1 year ago this month after buying my 8GB iPhone on iDay and cant tell you how much i appreciate everyone on this site for helping me go from a total modding noob to not exactly an expert yet but getting there, from customizing my 1st gen only through the terminal app on my mac to pwning my 16GB white 3G, MMi is truly the #1 site for modding on your iPhone! Its been a blast and here's to another great year!
    iLive an iLife
    2008-08-12 12:15 AM
  2. Zeal's Avatar
    2008-08-12 12:18 AM
  3. iRoach74's Avatar
    haha. Bernie Mac is dead.
    2008-08-12 12:19 AM
  4. Bernie-Mac's Avatar
    thats what i forgot, to leave zeal out of the people i thanked
    iLive an iLife
    2008-08-12 12:20 AM
  5. one1's Avatar
    perhaps a new user name is in order........
    2008-08-12 12:37 AM
  6. Bleeditout2130's Avatar
    haha. Bernie Mac is dead.
    haha. You can't get any.

    2008-08-12 12:48 AM
  7. Bernie-Mac's Avatar
    i dont have to change my name because im not dead

    haha. Bernie Mac is dead.
    So is your sex life
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    iLive an iLife
    2008-08-12 01:54 AM
  8. preston03's Avatar
    how's heaven? tell babe ruth and heath I said hey

    congrads on your anniversary

    2008-08-12 03:18 AM
  9. xwinger's Avatar
    aww I love kittens!
    2008-08-12 03:44 AM
  10. Bleeditout2130's Avatar
    Cute pic....I should save that for mine with my gf.

    Oh, and congrats Bernie!
    2008-08-12 04:45 AM
  11. iRoach74's Avatar
    i dont have to change my name because im not dead

    So is your sex life
    actually, you are wrong. my sex life was never alive, therefore it cannot be dead.
    2008-08-12 04:54 AM
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    hey its my anny toooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! lol
    Mac Pro 2x2.66
    1.3 TB HDD
    6 GB RAM
    2x24" Dell 2405 monitors
    PowerBook 17"
    8GB Gen1 jailbroken Iphone
    16GB 3Gs white
    60 GB ipod
    2008-08-12 04:57 AM
  13. Zeal's Avatar
    Rofl this thread is made of WIN.
    2008-08-12 03:20 PM
  14. HITCH's Avatar
    2008-08-12 03:55 PM