1. pianoman173's Avatar
    I have found two discoveries today.

    The first, if you are using the stopwatch and someone calls you in the middle, once you end the call it will take you back to the stopwatch. It will appear to have stopped and went back to 00:00.0 but when you push the stop button and then press the start button, it goes to 2088:00:00.0 and starts from there. Not sure what happens there.

    The second, my cousin (4 years old) came over today and he was playing with play dough and i had my iPhone out and I was curious if playdough would work with the touchscreen. So i tried it and...It works! The touchscreen actually responds to the playdough. Not sure if anyone knew or tried it. Some one should try to incorperate something like this into a stylus. lol idk
    2008-02-01 01:07 AM
  2. one1's Avatar
    I made a discovery today also. If you are receiving an email while trying to take a screen shot with dock......... the unit will completely shut off.
    2008-02-01 01:19 AM
  3. Emir S.'s Avatar
    When in Safary, taping the status bar will bring you to the top of the page regardless of how far down you are.

    Never noticed this before so it could have been there from day one.
    Running 1.1.3 JB
    2008-02-01 01:50 AM
  4. pianoman173's Avatar
    yep there from day one
    2008-02-01 01:55 AM
  5. Hackme's Avatar
    1. In 1.1.3, while you are in the middle of a call if you try to add a phone number to your phone book and the person you are talking to hangs up before you save it then it dissappears and the phone seems to freeze for a few seconds.
    2. In every firmware but 1.1.3 i can confirm that "dock" can take you from the code lock screen to any app, defeating the purpose of the lock.
    2008-02-01 02:06 AM