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    I recently got an iPhone in India from a friend. It says its a 1.1.2 and I have the Installer.app on it.

    I want to know how this thing works and so went to the apple site.

    They asked me to leave and someone pointed me here.

    I tried reading through some of the threads and they dont quite make sense to me yet.

    COuld anyone tell me if there is a place on this site or others where I can get to know abt things like jailbreak, mod, ssh (thats Open SSH) etc etc

    I am really excited abt this phone and want to make the most it.

    All help is welcome - THanks in advance

    2008-02-04 09:03 AM
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    Start off from the Guides section here. Its quite helpful for beginners.

    Click the button in the menu.

    Since you already have Installer, your phone's already been jailbroken, so you don't need to worry about jailbreaking. You can look up on how to use SSH and other stuff in the guides.

    I would suggest the first thing you install before anything else is BSD Subsystem. You'll find it in the System category of Installer.

    NOTE: You need EDGE activated or a Wi-Fi connection to install anything from Installer.

    If you have any troubles, PM me. I'm from India as well.
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    2008-02-04 10:14 AM