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    I like it. Dragging links to the tab bar is kinda crap though or else they open a new window. They need a "Merge Windows" option.

    I like Ctrl+O though

    Downloaded and using. Pageload speed is hit or miss - depending on the website / server capabilities. Like the autocomplete in the address bar - type in a partial website and it tries to identify it.

    As an end-user and not a browser developer, assumption is that FF and IE get bogged down with all of the add-ons. Logically, the simpler the browser, the faster the response time to load?

    Only bug I've noticed is with built-in scrolling through touchpad. It will scroll down the page, but not back up again.
    I don't have the scrolling issue. Wonder what's up with that?

    Ok oddly enough the tabs are now opening into tabs instead of forcing a new window. It is nice to see another functional browser available for choosing.
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    2008-09-07 10:09 PM
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    Similar to Safari, holding down the left-click mouse (on PC) on the Back button lets you choose from a list of recently viewed pages (during that session):

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    good look.....im sure it will be known soon
    2008-09-14 12:37 AM
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    Don't forget that any copyrighted material (or non-copyrighted) that passes through chrome, Google has rights to that material FOREVER. I.E. photographs, Music, Porn, The Colonel's secret blend of herbs and spices etc.
    2008-09-14 06:47 AM
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