1. ucim2cute's Avatar
    Does anyone know why I get like 2 or 3 of the same email notification from MMI?? I mean, I have it set to instant email notification, when someone replys to any of the posts or threads that i am subscribing to, but, I am getting 2-3 emails, of the very same message?? Does anyone know why??
    Am I missing something in the User CP that I should be checking off??
    Well, if anyone has an answer or some advice, I would surely appreciate it!
    Thanks in advance.
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    Stay Sexy, Sweet, and Wonderful!
    2008-02-21 08:51 AM
  2. Cody Overcash's Avatar
    broke servers. covered a few dozen times, have decided on a permanent solution will be implemented over the weekend.
    2008-02-21 08:56 AM