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    Well, Spore is out and I'm sure there's some of you that have it and if you don't you're missing out because damn this game is fun. So here's a general thread for creature/ufo/vechicle sharing and posting pictures of this pretty game.

    In case you haven't figured it out, installing the game creates a folder in My Documents called My Spore Creations. In it, you will find more folders for each aspect of the game. Within these folders, you will find .png images. These are your creations (+ everything you download). Everything you make, edit, and play with ends up here. To share them is as easy as posting the picture online. See anything you like? Save the picture into the folder and the creature will be available when you play the game.

    I'll start off with my race of cyber-Godzillas:

    And their riced-out Star Destroyer:

    They're jerks, every friend who has placed them in their game has complained to me that they do nothing but trying to kill them. So good job, me! But they didn't reach space easily. Oh no, surviving was a challenge.

    Early in my creature stage, we had a strange visitor on my planet. This proceeded to scare the crap out of my pack, ending with the abduction of one of our own I took a picture of the UFO so when I evolved and reached space, I would hunt them down and make them pay. (they paid)

    Trying out a friends spaceship design while looking for other planets, I found a giant tiki god thing. Terrifying.

    I'll post more tomorrow about my journey to the center of the galaxy and my real-life recreation of Lost in Space (got lost using black holes on my way back home)

    Also, as a little spoiler for tomorrow, here's something I found on my search for home. And no, I won't tell you where it is :P

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    2008-09-09 08:04 AM
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    (got lost using black holes on my way back home)
    They're firing up the LHC in 3 days and you can do it for real.

    This game seems interesting, I might look into it. My first impression is that it seems a little "kiddo" looking, but I'm a fan of jet packs and space ships
    2008-09-09 08:06 AM
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    They're firing up the LHC in 3 days and you can do it for real.
    So who else is a tiny bit apprehensive?
    2008-09-09 09:40 AM
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    been playing it on the PC and its a Blast. im well into space mode and its pretty big at this point. The Galaxy is HUGE
    2008-09-09 10:47 AM
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    Been playing on my Mac, still in tribal mode
    And i can't wait for the LHC to fire up
    2008-09-09 11:03 AM
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    well,been playing it on the touch and gets kinda boring very quickly on the touch as NOTHING happens really..getting it off a m8 for weekend..
    and LHC..OMG OMG the webcast open all the time waiting for the broadcast hehe
    2008-09-09 12:44 PM
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    I should probably open a LHC thread too. I know someone who works at CERN at one of the experiments in it who provided a TON of information about it.

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    2008-09-09 03:59 PM
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    They're firing up the LHC in 3 days and you can do it for real.
    Thats really going to be amazing, the magnitude of the experiment in itself is freaking huge. The only thing that bothers me is why so many people don't know anything about this, but so much about other pointless **** like every detail in the lives of movie actors/actresses and so on. I think its a bit disturbing.

    Anyway sorry for changing the subject the game seems pretty cool though I might try it out, whats the point of the whole game, building up your civilization and expanding or what?
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    2008-09-09 05:29 PM
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    Pretty much. The game is one big giant sandbox and you get to design everything. The gameplay elements are a little on the basic side, but it's all about the creators. The game also populates planets and civilizations with user created content and with over 3 million creatures already made, there's really no way of knowing what you're going to encounter next.

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    2008-09-09 05:39 PM
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    I came here investigating the Spore App and correct me if I'm wrong but your screenshots are from the real game PC platform?

    Where can I get this game? Do you have to pay to play online. Also sorry for the noob questions what's LHC?
    2008-09-09 05:48 PM
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    Yes, the screenshots are from the PC game, which was released a couple of days ago (more if you live in Europe). You can buy it from any store plus online from the EA online store. Online content is free, you don't have to pay for it.

    There's no real online element to the game except it downloads creatures and stuff to populate your universe. The game is a single-player experience.

    As for the LHC, I just posted a thread about it. So let's keep this thread about Spore.

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    2008-09-09 05:56 PM
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    I got Spore and am trying it out although it seems a little bit overwhelming at the space stage b/c everything is so huge. I finally started to figure things out and then I get attacked by 3 empires at the same time and im like wtf??? They all have fleets of starships and I have one lol. Anyone else had this happen to them?
    2008-09-13 02:17 AM
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    I've been messing around with it. As long as I don't get serious about beating it, I enjoy swimming around eating things
    2008-09-13 02:19 AM
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    I've got spore on my phone, its awesome
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    2008-09-13 02:21 AM