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    I found this very interesting and can't wait for it to hit the market. Swype is the word......!

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    A built-in 65,000-word dictionary corrects obvious and even creative spelling errors. A word menu pops up if the correction is somewhat ambiguous; in our tests, the top choice was usually correct, and it can be selected with a simple swipe upward.
    Little tricks make it possible to capitalize words (jerk the stylus up and down) or select double letters (wiggle the pen over a letter).
    Kushler says he can type 55 words per minute on his product. Discount the developer's advantage: Real human beings should be able to motor along at about half that, we estimate.
    The development team is focused on Windows Mobile (smartphones) and also the tablet version of XP and Vista, and Surface. However, Kushler mentioned how great the iPhone hardware was for his method. While no deal with Apple is pending, I do agree with Kushler that his technology would improve the iPhone experience.
    The company may also develop Swype for other platforms such as Linux and Symbian.
    Challenges for the company: Selling the technology. For it to work best for users, it should be embedded at the operating system level. I really do hope Swype gets those deals.

    2008-09-11 03:22 AM
  2. cpjr's Avatar
    Very interesting. I wonder how well it would actually work, or rather....how difficult it would be to "train" yourself to type like that.
    2008-09-11 03:31 AM
  3. ajl917's Avatar
    I would really want to try this out just for kicks...
    2008-09-11 03:50 AM
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    Dude, can i beta test? plz? kthx

    I'm seriol, I like that input method a lot
    And it will be like a taco inside a taco within a Taco Bell that's inside a KFC that's within a mall that's inside your dream!
    2008-09-11 03:53 AM
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    whoa... that's pretty awesome!
    http://modmyi.com/forums/image.php?type=sigpic&userid=303541&dateline=12514  03473
    2008-09-11 03:58 AM
  6. cpjr's Avatar
    Dude, can i beta test? plz? kthx

    I'm seriol, I like that input method a lot
    Hahaha, he's not the developer....he's just posting his find.
    2008-09-11 04:00 AM
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    This technology was available in the Appstore shortly after launch. It was called WritingPad. It's temporarily unavailable in the Appstore for some reason but it was pretty cool when I used it. Here's a video:

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    Here's the devs website: http://www.shapewriter.com/iphone.html
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    2008-09-12 03:53 AM
  8. Yuli20's Avatar
    I have seen the video and I must say, I am impressed.

    But there is still no download option and it's just a video. So I looked more into it because I got fascinated by the video and I found this keyboard called "SlideIT" from the company "Dasur".

    It uses the same concept, and while I haven't tried Swype, I can say this is truly amazing, revolutionary, innovative and whatever word you want to choose. SlideIT also has a working demo for windows pc and a purchase option if you like it.

    Try it here:
    SlideIT &ndash; Touch screen text input software

    I can't wait to see Swype out there so I can try it too. AMAZING technology!
    2008-10-27 04:00 PM