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    I am running Mac and PC via ethernet though the latest version of Apple's airport extreme router, and for some reason, modmyi.com will only load on the PC (using ie) and not the mac (G4). On my mac i get the following error:

    Safari can't open the page.
    The error was: "lost network connection"

    IE on the Mac also will not load it.
    My iphone also refuses to load the site, using WIFI thought airport, however using EDGE on the iphone works fine.

    Whatever the problem is seems to be some combination of issues between Mac + Airport router? Is there some setting in the router that should be changed? Bizarre.

    Well apparently the fix appears to be adding the Wildblue "automatic configuration script" to Safari, but I don;t see how to add that on the iphone.

    I was getting the same error on Safari on my Mac and was able to fix it by adding the Wildblue conguration script to the internet settings (under proxies in (system prefs > network > Built in ethernet) - there us a selection called "Automatic proxy configuration" and using wildblue's proxy file:
    corrected Safari on my mac - these sites now load fine.

    Is there a way to add this to the Iphone network settings?
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    Could be your IP somehow got banned by our firewall. Would explain some of those issues. PM me.

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