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    We've all seen the pics, but when you get to see it in full use through video in a demonstration I must say this is a very impressive launch.

    There's no doubt at $179, this phone will get some heavy attention. I don't know if it would ever replace my iphone, but if any phone would do it, this is the only one that has potential.

    Looks like modmygphone is going to be a happening little spot here very soon.

    * It's open source so devs are ENCOURAGED to develop for it. No rejection letters.

    * It's touch screen phone navigation just like the iphone

    * It has CUT and PASTE.

    * G1 = Touchscreen, QWERTY keyboard, Internet access via 3G and Wi-Fi, additional content via Android Market, music from Amazon, built-in GPS, and "compass" for easy navigation, instant messaging, push-email, locked Sim card, Web browsing.

    * Apps and games will be even more plentiful since it is a dev playground free for all.

    * Why did we REALLY want the iphone? Safari. The g-phone is designed to do web surfing better than the iphone, and likely won't crash near as much as safari.

    * The touch screen is just as big, just as bright.

    * $179, enough said.

    I'm in!
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    I'm so tempted. So very tempted.
    2008-09-24 11:50 AM
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    PC World - T-Mobile's G1 vs. The iPhone: Game On!

    Since the iPhone was launched 15 months ago it has defined, for many, what a smartphone experience should be. But today T-Mobile gives the iPhone a run for its money with the launch of the G1 smartphone. From the details that have emerged today regarding the G1, Apple now has a reason to be looking over its' shoulder.

    Here is a look at how G1 and the iPhone compare to one another.

    Platform and Device

    In contrast to Apple that built its own phone, operating system, and content ecosystem, the G1 is based on an open platform. That means any software publisher can design programs that run on the G1 and its Android operating system. The potential universe of T-Mobile G1 applications is huge. Yet, it's too early to know whether mobile application developers will flock to the Android platform.

    At least for now Apple has the upper hand when it comes to the device. The number of iPhone mobile applications (accessible via Apple's App Store) is growing every day. However, Apple's total control over the iPhone can also be bad because Apple can choose to exert too much control over what applications run on the iPhone and bar those that it doesn't like, upsetting users.

    Hardware Specs G1 vs iPhone:

    Weight: G1 = 158g vs iPhone = 133g

    Battery Life: G1 = 5 hours talk time, 130 hours standby vs iPhone = 5 hours talk time, 300 hours standby

    Screen Size: G1 = 3.2inches vs iPhone = 3.5in

    Camera: G1 = 3MP vs iPhone = 2MP

    Storage: G1 = 2GB (expandable to 8GB) vs iPhone = 8GB or 16GB

    Mobile Apps

    The big difference between G1 and iPhone is how you put music, videos, games, and productivity applications on your phone. The iPhone has iTunes, mobile iTunes (for iPod Touch and iPhone) and the App Store.

    Things work differently with T-Mobile's G1. The G1 doesn't require a desktop software porgram similar to iTunes to add content to your phone. Content can be added via a removeable storage card, but most content T-Mobile says will be downloaded using Wi-Fi connection.

    Many Google applications will come pre-loaded onto the G1, for example push Gmail service, Google Maps functionality, Google Calendar, and YouTube. T-Mobile is only talking about a handful of third-party applications right now. There are likely loads more to be announced leading up the G1's October 22 debut. Some include a ShopSavvy, a program that turns your phone into a barcode scanner able to read UPC codes and deliver instant price comparisons and PedNav, and location-aware application that helps you find nearby public transit options and walking routes.

    These mobile applications will be available through Android Market - a competitor to Apple's App Store.

    Music: Amazon MP3 vs. iTunes

    The iPhone has iTunes and the G1 has an application preinstalled called Amazon MP3,'s digital music download store.

    Amazon many not have as big of a library of content to choose from compared to iTunes, yet. But the chief advantage Amazon has over iTunes is music is a bit less expensive and music tracks don't have digital rights management (DRM) on them. That means anything you download to you G1 you can play on your iPod, Zune, or transfer to your PC - no hassles.

    There was no mention of it today, but one can only assume that video content, as with music content, will be also be accessible through Amazon's Web-based download service.

    Features: G1 vs iPhone

    G1 = Touchscreen, QWERTY keyboard, Internet access via 3G and Wi-Fi, additional content via Android Market, music from Amazon, built-in GPS, and "compass" for easy navigation, instant messaging, push-email, locked Sim card, Web browsing.

    iPhone = Touchscreen, virtual QWERTY keyboard, multi-touch gesture support, Internet access via 3G and Wi-Fi, additional music and applications via iTunes and App Store, built-in GPS (second-gen iPhone), Visual Voicemail, multi-touch gesture support, Microsoft Exchange support, push-email, locked Sim card, Web browsing.


    The overall two-year cost of owning a $200 iPhone is $2360 (unlimited texting). The cost of owning a G1 with an identical texting plan is between $1620 and $2460.

    Here is the breakdown:

    The T-Mobile G1 will run you $180 with two-year contract - add $25/month for an unlimited data plan (which includes unlimited Internet usage and limited messaging) or a $35/month plan for unlimited messaging. A basic T-Mobile voice plan range from $30/month (300 minutes) and $60/month (1500 minutes). T-Mobile says in order to purchase the G1 you must also get a "qualifying rate plan." T-Mobile didn't get back to me on what a "qualifying rate plan" for the G1 is.

    On the other hand Apple's iPhone will run you $200 (8GB) which also requires a 2-year contract. The rate plan will set you back basic rate-plan is $70/month (which including unlimited Internet access). For another $20/month you can get unlimited text messaging.

    There is too much we don't know about the device to make any comprehensive comparisons. One big variable is 3G coverage and how comprehensive T-Mobile's network is. That was a big deal for people considering buying and upgrading to the second generation iPhone.

    Network speed and other details we'll just have to wait and find out about when the G1 launches next month.
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    pretty informative one1thanks! I watched a vid on YouTube last night about the G1..... I was kinda impressed, I would have to say it is the first phone that caught my attention since the. Iphones release.
    2008-09-24 01:01 PM
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    sweet might have to invest in one of those bad boys.

    Make you own visit this link.
    2008-09-24 01:20 PM
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    Why did we REALLY want the iphone? Safari. The g-phone is designed to do web surfing better than the iphone, and likely won't crash near as much as safari
    A better browsing experience? Have you seen this? Watch the first video, while the phone is fast, the browser looks like absolute crap next ot the iPhone's.
    "Now everyone calm the hell down and let me think about how to clean up your mess, while you build me a monument dedicated to how awesome I am."

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    2008-09-24 02:59 PM
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    Nobody knows what has been done to that phone over the given day, hundreds of people touching it and screwing with the apps. The iphone would likely be in restore mode by then with all that fingering............ Since the apps run constantly on the g-phone until PROPERLY shut down, I don't doubt every single app on that phone was running in the background.

    Lack of memory much? At least it stayed open, Safari would have crashed 6 times by then.
    2008-09-24 03:56 PM
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    I actually got to play with one at a TMO store in Des Moines (friend works there and they are getting their demo setup). While it is cool, it most certainly isn't as pretty as iPhone. Personally, I have my sites on the new BB Thunder to do better. As for browsers, if this is competition (as in starts dinging Apple sales) you can bet Apple will do alot in firmware/software updates to the iphone. Who knows, maybe Android and BB Thunder will actually be what get some of our requests answered for the iphone. I know one of the MAIN things I would want that android and BB offer is a damn GTalk client that runs in the background. That is my one and only gripe with the iPhone right now!!!! That and a fused battery, and MAYBE picture messaging, although I do none of that so...
    I once prayed to God for an iPhone, but quickly found out He didn't work that I stole an iPhone and prayed for His forgiveness.

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    2008-09-24 04:15 PM
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    It sure looks more impressive than any other "iphone killer" we have seen so far. What is great about the new android platform, however, can be summed up in three words...competition, competition, competition!!! And what does competition mean for us iphone users? A better iphone! Apple won't stand by and let the additional software features on the android platform that are lacking on the iphone go without a response of their own. BRING IT ON GOOGLE!!!
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    Glory to

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    2008-09-25 08:38 PM
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    I like Android but hate the phone itself. Is there a list of upcoming Android phones?

    I'm a helpful jerk, fear me.
    2008-09-25 10:43 PM