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    LOL, I have a story to tell. I was using Snapture and snapping some pics with my iPhone and right as I snapped the 4th pic I hear CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK...........

    Holy smokes! Snapture hung wide open on the shutter and it took like 150 continuous photos before I got the phone hard reset, LOL!

    I did get 4 nice pics before it did it though.

    2008-09-30 10:37 PM
  2. SharpieBandit's Avatar
    Just how many cars do you have one1? I remember the four from your "I just gave it a wash" thread. Well it was something like that.

    That one reminds me of that part on Back to the Future. When the delorian(sp?) and the other car are playing chicken.
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    2008-10-01 12:31 AM
  3. 461am's Avatar
    could I borrow one of the cars? I just need it for a bit, my accord died.
    2008-10-01 12:38 AM
  4. one1's Avatar
    An accord died? Is that even possible?
    2008-10-01 03:37 AM
  5. Zwayne's Avatar
    I need on for my 17yr old daughter....

    BTW what year is that chevy?......Very nice.
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    2008-10-01 04:11 AM
  6. 461am's Avatar
    I was as surprised as you are. I expected more. Immortality more.
    2008-10-01 04:33 AM
  7. Chase817's Avatar
    How long did it take you to delete all of the photos?  03473
    2008-10-01 05:17 AM
  8. one1's Avatar
    You're asking someone who installs stringboard stings through ssh.......
    2008-10-01 08:22 AM
  9. Rustynuts's Avatar
    those piccys come out nice. top banana

    Make you own visit this link.
    2008-10-01 11:14 AM
  10. one1's Avatar
    I like this one, but it's not from the iPhonehome.

    2008-10-01 09:06 PM
  11. unlockme's Avatar
    very nice. Pics and car.
    2008-10-01 09:58 PM
  12. one1's Avatar
    Oh thanks. I got a good one of the Benz interior too CLICK ME.

    Too big for img tags though. I've been getting a few good shots lately.
    2008-10-01 10:47 PM
  13. saifeeab's Avatar
    I like this one, but it's not from the iPhonehome.

    like this one the best. the sepia stands in good contrast to the matt black car.
    2008-10-06 10:41 AM
  14. Alperovich's Avatar
    An accord died? Is that even possible?
    ROLF, trust me its possible. i killed a CL earlier this year, its basically a 95-97 accord coupe in a suit. dead as a door nail after i got done with it
    2008-10-06 01:47 PM