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    here in canada its thanksgiving weekend and holiday weekends are notorious for home break-ins. well last night i was studying in my room for a few hours and around 11pm i went upstairs to get a bite to eat. i promptly ate and woke my gf who had fallen asleep watching tv. as soon as i woke her she went downstairs so she could brush her teeth and hop in bed. i was rinsing my dishes and was soon to follow. what happened next? i hear her scream for me and i immediately thought she seen a mouse.

    so i run downstairs and find her holding some native guy by his jacket. immediately i'm confused and i'm not thinking break-in. i ask myself why is he in the house and my gf said he didnt touch her at all once she grabbed him, all he did was slowly make his way to the exit door. after yelling at him "what the F are you doing here" i grabbed him as well and he grabbed me in order to keep me off him and he says "i'll stab you" so we both let go and he threw her digital camera at us and ran out. this all happened within 10 seconds from the moment i heard her scream. when we let go my shirt ripped (my fav. zoo york tee ) i ripped it off incredible hulk style and had my mom call the cops and then ran outside but he was gone.

    I go back into my room and my xbox elite w/ both controllers, hd-dvd drive and external hard drive are unplugged and laying on my bed. my iphone wa also on my bed but i had tucked it under my books before i went upstairs for some reason. it was safe. he had made away with my gf's purse but had thrown it out of his jacket when he ran away and we found it on the hedge. she says her credit card and maybe a small amount of cash were missing from her purse but her ID and everything else was still there.

    upon further investigation he had pried open my door to get in the house. i usually lock the dead bolt but not until i go to bed, i will change this habit fo sho. he got into our back storage room before hand and my pressure washer was out and he had left it i suppose to try out the house, weird. he also left a plastic bag full of change... a lot of change. the cops asked me if anything else was missing from the storage shed and i was like ya my hose nozzle, i used it today to wash my car, wtf i need that. when we found the purse in the front we also found both hose nozzles! (he took two but one was broken so he coulda kept it) so he apparently chucked everything out of his jacket so he could get away quickly.

    all in all it could have been much worse. if i had gone out last night then all my **** would be gone today. moral of the story is keep your house secure so your family and toys are safe. i will be driving around looking for this guy in days to come and please dont judge me for this, i dont what i would do if i were to find him but it will be either call the cops or beat his ***. i dont like cops too much so prolly the latter.
    2008-10-13 07:58 PM
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    Wow good to hear everyone is okay. We ALWAYS lock the house, even when we're home. We got robbed when I was little and ever since then my parents always locked the house up and now I do the same.
    2008-10-13 08:59 PM
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    Lucky duck...
    LOL! DOesnt everyone know that only real women know how to handle a stick?
    As long as Miguel can blow...he's straight.
    I dread that first dusting of the white stuff.
    ready for a romp buddy? ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    2008-10-13 09:11 PM
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    damn it seems pretty bad out in canada. i would have never knew. as long as u and your girl are well.
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    2008-10-13 09:12 PM
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    Sounds like you pretty much got everything accounted for, but almost lost it. Don't worry about knives. It's rare anyone that breaks in and doesn't have a gun is willing to do anything with a knife. (possible, but not likely). If they were looking to get in and rob you they'd have a gun. The knife threat is just that, a threat.

    I'm no chuck norris, but if you are trying to steal me blind in my home and your best threat is "I will take a knife and cut you", you're about to get your azz whipped....... If you don't have bullets, you're about to be calling the cops for your own protection.
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    2008-10-13 09:15 PM
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    ya i'm pretty pissed that i didnt get any licks in but like i said it happened soo fast plus the gf was in the way the whole time. it was quite strange.
    2008-10-13 09:37 PM
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    Glad to hear your safe. Our neighbors house was broken into not more than a week ago. What sucks is that my fiance and I moved in with her parents because the apartment community we were living in was too dangerous to raise a child...
    And it will be like a taco inside a taco within a Taco Bell that's inside a KFC that's within a mall that's inside your dream!
    2008-10-13 11:13 PM
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    That guy would have been SHOT if he came to my place trying to rob me.
    2008-10-14 01:31 AM
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    That guy would have been SHOT if he came to my place trying to rob me.
    Last year someone tried to mug me for my iPhone...thank God for Judo + Jiujitsu, put him in a armbar and erm....well you know the rest....
    2008-10-14 02:33 AM
  10. one1's Avatar
    Judo + Jiujitsu
    <------ Aikido + Jiujitsu.

    Gonna get back in to MA and take Muay thai so I can kick my own azz.
    2008-10-14 06:22 AM