1. Stray's Avatar
    I am buying a new white lcd for my 3gs and a metallic green back housing! Hope your safe west.
    2011-05-25 03:39 AM
  2. Cowboy's Avatar
    Well i think i will be ok just sorta chilling watching
    2011-05-25 03:41 AM
  3. Stray's Avatar
    Hopefully you will be
    2011-05-25 03:41 AM
  4. Cowboy's Avatar
    Looks like the worst is just a few miles south of me and passing quickly
    2011-05-25 03:42 AM
  5. Stray's Avatar
    This weather is crazy I cant even imagine it
    2011-05-25 03:43 AM
  6. Cowboy's Avatar
    YEah it is raining so hard you cant see 5 feet infront of you i would hate to be on the road right now
    2011-05-25 03:46 AM
  7. Stray's Avatar
    Hours ago it was like 75 degrees and sunny now its just night lol
    2011-05-25 03:47 AM
  8. one1's Avatar
    Close only counts in Horseshoes and Hand Grenades. As I found out with my tornado experience either you get hit by one or you don't. Every town within 70 miles of me got destroyed, including large areas of mine........ didn't even knock a leaf off my tree in the yard. Tornadoes can travel long distances, but they are not usually more than 1/4 mile wide. So if it is just bad storms, No sympathy unless you get hurt. We've been doing this for over a month now here
    2011-05-25 04:56 AM
  9. Orby's Avatar
    Man, it's quieter in here than a college library the night before finals.
    2011-05-26 12:01 AM
  10. Simon's Avatar
    2011-05-26 12:04 AM
  11. Cowboy's Avatar
    Woot woot
    2011-05-26 12:05 AM
  12. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    No noise please, hurts................
    2011-05-26 12:09 AM
  13. Orby's Avatar
    Make some noise then
    2011-05-26 12:10 AM
  14. Simon's Avatar
    2011-05-26 12:11 AM
  15. Orby's Avatar
    No noise please, hurts................
    Y'all have a migraine or something? I got some good ish for that if necessary...
    2011-05-26 12:12 AM
  16. Cowboy's Avatar
    love that movie top 10 comedies for sure
    2011-05-26 12:13 AM
  17. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    Y'all have a migraine or something? I got some good ish for that if necessary...
    Just not feeling well today, but what cha got?
    2011-05-26 12:13 AM
  18. Cowboy's Avatar
    Sorry bo
    2011-05-26 12:19 AM
  19. Orby's Avatar
    Just not feeling well today, but what cha got?
    I'm sorry.

    I gots both some aspirin-acetaminophen-caffeine-tranquilizer mix (OTC... barely) and some... ah, better stuff (hydrocodone, APAP, and... prednisone I think--no sharing).
    2011-05-26 12:34 AM
  20. Stray's Avatar
    Hiiiiiiii whats up guys
    2011-05-26 12:47 AM