1. Cowboy's Avatar
    Yeah not as hot as what i have
    2011-05-26 05:23 AM
  2. Stray's Avatar
    Im not gonna say anything because i have respect for you
    2011-05-26 05:28 AM
  3. Cowboy's Avatar
    Lmao well thanks i think?
    2011-05-26 05:28 AM
  4. Stray's Avatar
    Yeah thats a good thing. Lol
    2011-05-26 05:28 AM
  5. Cowboy's Avatar
    2011-05-26 05:31 AM
  6. Stray's Avatar
    Yeah lol
    2011-05-26 05:33 AM
  7. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    What in the heck, you guys so crack me up, and I need a chuckle too.
    smaller sig.png
    2011-05-26 05:38 AM
  8. Cowboy's Avatar
    Well hey bo momma welcome to random glad you could come join in the fun
    2011-05-26 05:44 AM
  9. Stray's Avatar
    Hiii Cadi
    2011-05-26 05:45 AM
  10. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    Hi guys, slow here today, wonder if the lack of posts is in any way part of the transition. Well, it seems slow to me anyway.
    smaller sig.png
    2011-05-26 06:05 AM
  11. Cowboy's Avatar
    I think it is i think people are still trying to get use to it
    2011-05-26 06:09 AM
  12. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    They will all be back I hope, and school is out real soon, that always increases the posts.
    smaller sig.png
    2011-05-26 06:28 AM
  13. Cowboy's Avatar
    Yeah it will
    2011-05-26 06:30 AM
  14. Simon's Avatar
    The forum is still getting a new post every 1-3 minutes. So it hasnt really slowed too much I dont think.
    2011-05-26 06:30 AM
  15. Cowboy's Avatar
    Yeah its to bad atleast not compared to a few other forums i am on.
    2011-05-26 06:31 AM
  16. StealthBravo's Avatar
    Well there isnt much happening at the moment.
    2011-05-26 06:32 AM
  17. Simon's Avatar
    Ya, kind of a lull in Apple world in general right now.
    2011-05-26 06:33 AM
  18. StealthBravo's Avatar
    Yea and don't expect anything for a few months
    2011-05-26 06:33 AM
  19. Simon's Avatar
    2011-05-26 06:34 AM
  20. StealthBravo's Avatar
    Next month?
    2011-05-26 06:36 AM