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  1. NewD's Avatar
    2018-02-27 04:38 AM
  2. Bo's Avatar
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    2018-02-27 04:39 AM
  3. NewD's Avatar
    Thank YOU!
    2018-02-27 04:39 AM
  4. Bo's Avatar
    Dennis has written a front page article about the new jailbreak Grant.
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    2018-02-27 08:42 PM
  5. NewD's Avatar
    No worries, Bo. His privilege.
    2018-02-27 08:59 PM
  6. Zokunei's Avatar
    I guess it's that time of year again already. How's everyone doing?
    2018-06-04 05:15 PM
  7. Bo's Avatar
    Doing OK, how about you. New Electra Jailbreak for iOS 11.3.1 coming any day now could be exciting.
    Here is a site a lot of our old members have gone. All about tweaks, widgets, jailbreaking, and more.
    Discord ......
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    2018-06-04 08:18 PM
  8. Zokunei's Avatar
    Doing pretty good. Last month I finished my first semester of college after putting it off maybe a little too long. But I placed into all college-level courses, and my lowest final class grade was a 98. Wondering if I worked a little too hard, like maybe there's some room in there for a social life LOL

    As for today's news, the only features I would really see myself using are the grouped notifications, dark mode, and maybe the desktop organization if it's not too annoying
    2018-06-05 03:36 AM
  9. Bo's Avatar
    Congrats my friend, to me it seems normal that you would approach college as you did.

    I also agree that there only a few tweaks that I would use too. Not much into themes anymore, yet still Iím excited.
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    2018-06-05 03:43 AM
  10. bbrks's Avatar
    Huh, I don't want to spoil your joy , but on X with all the gestures and features I almost don't miss jailbreak at all. OK, maybe just a couple of themes would make me happy, but the rest not anymore
    2018-06-07 09:23 PM
  11. Bo's Avatar
    I love my X and all the features, and so happy that soon we'll see the New line up will add the X (or what ever Apple will call it) in the same size of the Plus.
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    2018-06-07 09:28 PM
  12. bbrks's Avatar
    Keep it clean please
    2018-06-13 09:28 PM
  13. Bo's Avatar
    Love the door mat, I'd love to have one.
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    2018-06-13 09:30 PM
  14. Bo's Avatar
    Just ordered one, LOL
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    2018-06-13 09:33 PM
  15. Bo's Avatar
    The randomly off topic thread-axax.jpg

    This one is cool too.
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    2018-06-13 09:39 PM
  16. Cowboy's Avatar
    Hello old friends, how is everyone?
    2018-09-19 01:47 AM
  17. NewD's Avatar
    So Bo..Did you get all 3 phones and the watch series 4 this year?
    2018-09-22 03:52 PM
  18. Bo's Avatar
    Just 2 iPhone's, passed on the Xr. Got the new Watch also. May but the Xr in the future, love the colors. Not sure as I've always bought black phones forever.
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    2018-09-22 09:42 PM
  19. Bo's Avatar
    Hello old friends, how is everyone?
    Well thanks, How about yourself? Been a while buddy.
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    2018-09-22 09:44 PM
  20. Max_Pa1n's Avatar
    What’s poppin yall. Hope your all great just poppin in to say hello to some dear old friends.
    2018-10-05 11:50 PM