1. z3r01's Avatar
    and these are dirty socks i google for no reason

    this is a universal screw driver/utility knife/locksmith tool/small crowbar

    and you patch things up with this duct tape

    but she was a duct tape noob trying to fix her tv broken antenna
    Last edited by z3r01; 2008-10-23 at 06:17 PM.
    2008-10-23 06:12 PM
  2. one1's Avatar
    I could use one of these wall units. Looks handy.
    2008-10-23 06:25 PM
  3. dale1v's Avatar
    have you gotta name for it? I have one...It's called "The Final Solution v 1.5"
    2008-10-23 07:25 PM
  4. z3r01's Avatar
    I'm gonna make a
    Tshirt with a butter knife, duct tape, and a metal clothes hanger with the phrase "make it happen" on it LOL
    2008-10-23 07:31 PM
  5. Chase817's Avatar
    but she was a duct tape noob trying to fix her tv broken antenna
    stupid duct tape noob
    http://modmyi.com/forums/image.php?type=sigpic&userid=303541&dateline=12514  03473
    2008-10-24 07:19 AM
  6. one1's Avatar
    I buy dead iphones.
    2008-10-25 07:00 PM
  7. lillewis51's Avatar
    i see dead iphones
    2008-10-27 03:04 AM
  8. one1's Avatar
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gyyg0LcBn4w]YouTube - where's the rake[/ame]
    2008-10-27 03:39 AM
  9. bteamer's Avatar
    lol @ bush
    2008-10-27 05:02 AM
  10. Zwayne's Avatar
    2008-10-27 06:14 AM
  11. one1's Avatar
    2008-10-27 06:50 AM
  12. ALL DAY's Avatar
    I should be doing astronomy, but instead I'm on MMi, checking the newzzz.

    In other news, MNF is on. And the Red Wings. And the World Series. Skeet Skeet Skeet.
    2008-10-28 02:37 AM
  13. one1's Avatar
    Just took this pic.......... Cruising to some Fleetwood Mac

    2008-10-30 10:50 PM
  14. ALL DAY's Avatar
    Lawlzorz. Cool pic, though... From the iPwn?
    2008-10-31 07:56 AM
  15. one1's Avatar
    My 16gb 2g. Best damn camera of the 15 iPhones I have had. You can see my headphone cord hanging down, I was jamming and rolling. Doing about 25 mph when I snapped that pic.
    2008-10-31 03:15 PM
  16. ALL DAY's Avatar
    Man, I am bored. Some chick in my dorm stole my 360 controller and hasn't brought it back yet, so I'm sitting here instead, typing this and looking at the new MacBook. Rawr.
    2008-11-01 10:23 PM
  17. one1's Avatar
    She owes you bewbs.
    2008-11-02 05:54 AM
  18. ALL DAY's Avatar
    Yeah, well I was reall blown (as now) when I lent it to her, and wasn't really paying attention, but found out to day she's mid-level decent, yo. I ain't got no game, though.
    2008-11-02 09:00 AM
  19. ALL DAY's Avatar
    I'm doubling this because I feel there needs to be more conversation in here.

    Anyways, I have a ton of homework to do and I have an econ midterm on Wednesday that I may fail. I still love the new MacBook. That is all.

    Anyone have one?

    Anyone care to share anything else?
    2008-11-04 06:18 AM
  20. Chase817's Avatar
    I want goldfish right now (crackers, not real)
    http://modmyi.com/forums/image.php?type=sigpic&userid=303541&dateline=12514  03473
    2008-11-04 08:03 AM
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